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STU: The Demon - Page 01


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The first page of "Episode 0: The Demon" from "Spiritus The Universe: Dragons of the Space" series. 
Technically the second frame was drawn first.

Episode 0: "The Demon" - is the special edition which tells the prehistory about the most dangerous and powerful spiritus in the Universe.

Victor Stroginov's unsuspecting family was abducted by varonjezhies. They took it to use in military experiments with ultimate goal of creating cross-breed species with spirituses. Victor was able to track the kidnappers, however while attempting to free his family he himself became captive. While in prison he was placed in cell next to a mysterious chained prisoner. This mysterious neighbor made a fateful offer, rejection of which, despite the circumstances, forever altered the course of his life... 

Varonjezhies* - highly developed reptilian race. 

About "Spiritus the Universe" project:

The main events of "The Spiritus" take place in fictional galaxies, narrating stories about militant civilizations and the most fascinating adventures of heroes.
"Spiritus" or "spirit" in Latin language is the name of one of the most diverse inhabitants of the universe - spirituses. They are space dragons who often act as the main characters of the universe.

:happybounce:  The full text version of Episode 0 is already available! ==> :eager: by darkmoon3636

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Awesome attention to detail. 8-)

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Thank you very much! =D

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I'm speechless how beautiful your artwork are !

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Thank you so much! :tighthug:
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No probleme, i still love look your art <3

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Thank you! =D
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to bad there is no "next page"
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Watch me for the "next" :nod: All updates about the project can be found in my status and journal. 
KruelaD-Savic's avatar
you mean facebook, sorry i dont followSweating a little... 
keep up good workClap Clap 
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No, Deviantart
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Very impressive !! Nuu La la la la :happybounce: Nod :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you very much! :tighthug:
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Hi friend! =D Thank you so much! :hug:
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No problem!!!Hug Heart 
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For some reason, it is not letting me comment on the text version. The submit button just flat out won't show, so I'll post my comment here:

So, I read this (and i have no idea if this is the right area to start but its the first I found), and I am interested in the premise. However, I do have some suggestions/mild criticism. It's nothing terrible, and you can ignore it if you like

My main thing comes from the lack of description. I didn't know what Varonjheies were until I read the description, nor the main character's appearance. I know this is to be a graphic novel, but if you publish it in literary form, it might help to provide descriptions for things to come and it flows coherently in narration. It helps form the imagination.

That being said, I am quite interested in this world, and I do want to see it grow.
ERA7's avatar
Thank you very-very much! :tighthug: I'm so happy that someone wrote a review (I will be glad to see any, big or small, it doesn't matter).

You are right! There is really very few descriptions about characters. I know it. My fault. The original universe with all episodes written in Russian so it just needs to be translated. But I didn't want to publish all at once because there is still too little illustrations and it would be better if readers will get acquainted with story gradually. Also I didn't know how people will react on the project (especially on Episode 0) and decided to be carefully with updates.

And I'm sorry about that button! Probably it dA's bug. Maybe admins will fix it in near future.  
Rurik-Redwolf's avatar
Mmm, I do get that. However, too little detail is as bad as too much detail. Don't be afraid to show your universe immediately; people do like that a lot. Even if you don't have the illustrations, you can paint a picture with words. Even if it's all in russian, you can type it out and work on translating afterward. 

Be confident in your work; if you build something, people will almost always come to it. So go into episode 0 with that in mind. You have a very interesting world, it just needs to be shown. You don't gotta dump the whole thing; just nice little chunks at a time.

(I'm not sure if I misread the comment but LOL)
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