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May 2, 2021
Live Stream - Next Week Announcement by ERA7
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Live Stream - Next Week Announcement


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:new: : Next stream will be on the next week! I will write here when exactly =) 
Join me on Picarto already now  -

Final work:
Zombie Apocalypse - Book Cover by ERA7

And don't forget to write something in the chat when we will begin! =) 

COMMISSIONS PRICES 2021 - OPENCommissions are open! 2 slots are left! Note me if you want one or write me on era7mechaartist@gmail.comFAQ: What is "cinematic art"? - In my gallery it's the highest quality artworks which are done with 3D+2D overpaint techniques. Usually I pursuing a goal to make them so good as it possible to make the final pictures looks like they are from movies. Some artworks have an "oil" effect which was done specifically to make the paintings looks more traditional. Why cinematic art?- Cinematic art gives an opportunity to see your character or scene from different angles in 3D space while standard pictures are just static. In 3D you may setup any atmosphere, any emotions, poses, stories, light and effects which you need. For several minutes you may get a dozens of good quality renders while in classic painting method it's impossible. If you have a 3D software (Zbrush, Blender, etc) and know the basics of it you may watch, play and do everything with your character in real time. What differences between cinematic art and classic digital paintings? - Cinematic art are much more complex, use more 3D and less 2D techniques (sometimes it can be only 2D) . It may takes more time than classic paintings but gives a much more realistic, physical based quality and also can be animated. Additionally it can have any style from cartoon to photorealistic. In the final you get not just standard PSD file with layers but a whole 3D scene with a character which can be printed on a 3D printer too. How looks the process of working on cinematic art? 1) First comes the collection of information, materials and references. 2) Building a basic 3D\2D sketch just to show the future composition to a client. 3) 3D model creation of a character and environment (if it's needed). It's include character sculpting, detailing, texturing, coloring and posing. ,4) Render setup: selection of lighting, camera setup, selection of good angles. Getting the best shots. 5) 2D overpainting to give the final artwork more traditional (or just painted) look. Optionally, there can only be added some effects and color correction. 6) Sending the finished project to a client. How much time cinematic art takes?- From several hours to a month or longer, depends from a project. Scene with 1 or 2 characters usually about 5 days. Headshots can be done for 1 day. It also depends how much projects from other clients I have at the moment. Urgency commissions can be finished faster for additional payment (from +50%). Do you show the process of work? - Yes, I make live streams and some commissions may finish during 1-2 broadcasts. You may see a video examples here or on my Patreon. Prices:>> Cinematic Art: Headshot - from $300+ Include 6 artworks: 1 final illustration 5 renders from different angles\styles Project files are optionalExample (final illustration+overpaint):,+ 5 renders,More examples:,,, >> Cinematic Art: Half body - from $600+ Include 6 artworks: 1 final illustration 5 renders from different angles\styles Project files are optional Examples:,,,,, >> Cinematic Art: Full body - from $900+ Include 6 artworks: 1 final illustration 5 renders from different angles\styles Project files are optional Examples:,,,,,,,Main Rules: Allowed: - Dragons (high priority), fantasy creatures, sci-fi spaceships, sci-fi characters* - Cities, environments and all other will be considered separately1) I don't accept fetish and porno requests. 2) You may pay 50/50 or 100% at once. I accept payments via Paypal and dA's . 3) Send me Note if you want a commission. Your Note should include:- Category (headshot, half body, full body, other, etc)- Brief information of what you want to order (include background, characters and what they will do, resolution in pixels). Please note that your text should be clear and understandable. - References of your character\s or text descriptions +References for background, poses, details, etc- Any additional details which you want to include to your commission- Deadline4) Process of working on your commission: 1. Gathering all information and references for commission. 2. You will get one or several basic sketches for future picture. On this stage you may change everything what you want. 3. Finishing the coloring version of your commission. You will get the final result. It can not be fully changed, only small details. Please do not abuse it. The result always depends on how clear your task is. In some situations changes may require additional payment. 5) Refund:- Full refund procedure available only when the work on your commission is not started. You will get your payment back minus services's fees (example $50-3% fees = $48.5 which you will get). - In other situations refund will be calculated according how much work already done on your commission. Example: commission cost $100 and done on 50% = you will get $50 minus services' fees. - In cases of rude and disrespectful attitude to artist refund option will not be available. The artist has the right not to refund the payment as moral compensation.6) One commission may take from 1 day to several weeks, depending on its complexity.7) No need to write dozens of messages a day to an artist to find out how work is progressing. The artist will contact you when work or sketches will be done. If you really can't wait to find out the status of the commission, then 1 message will be enough.8) Artist is a human which can ill or sleep sometimes. Please respect it. If artist will need additional time to work on your commission you will get a Note about it.9) The artist has the right to refuse your commission without explaining the reasons.10) The artist has the right not to publish your commission in gallery. However you may publish your commission in any place where you want.11) Commercial, non-commercial and contracts with exclusive rights are optional. If you want to be sure that nobody will not buy commercial or exclusive rights to use your commission I recommend to sign a contract with me. It will add additional 50% or more to the final cost, depends from type of licence and type of work. Just write in your Note that you want a licence. 12) You automatically agree to these rules when you send commission request to artist....
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creepy big spider

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Congrats on the DD!

hi! this is great! is it based on the novel "the war of the worlds"or the gothic novella "the black spider"by j. gothellf? it's a story about a giant spider sent by the devil to terrorize a city in mediveal germany.

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Beautiful. Fantastic work.

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the color of this is just so relaxing to look at despite being afraid of spiders :nuu:

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NOW you run out of Raid!!Pinkie Pie Scream01 Great scary work here!

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That looks Amazing!

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Oh, that is nightmarish 😅

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Wow! I'm impressed!
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the giant enemy spider

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Very nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

For My Personal Use Only
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The deviation above Reminds me of the movie a big ass spider

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The spider has himself an all you can eat buffet! :evillaugh:

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Next SyFy Movie

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Nice job making the spider creepy! A really good blend of high detail and low detail.

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Like Shelob let loose in the city! ;P

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That's so wonderful! 👍

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By the way, I like how you used 3D in your works (Especially for the BIG BOI THERE).

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