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+Let's fly there+

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This is the prettiest art I've ever seen in months.

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can you just think about having a dragon as a pet

SlingBlade87's avatar

This is really beautiful, absolutely love the style and color choice. The posing too gives a great sense of scene so marvelously done.

It gives me some ideas as well.

Would you mind if I wrote a scene taking inspiration from this piece?

I would of course link back to your piece and give full credit for the inspiration.

ERA7's avatar

Hi! Thank you so much! Glad that you like this work! =)

Sure :nod:

Ryivhnn's avatar

Ahh I love this one. The colours are great and there's so much cuteness in the person holding the dragon's claw XD

ikazon's avatar

Fantastic work!

Mystically Beautiful

Veratai's avatar

this is great :3

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Aurora-Mandeville's avatar

This looks absolutely perfect!! Thank you sooo much!! :love:

(P.S. Syrictae are African dragon-shifters. This one in particular is best friends with a leprechaun.)

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This looks amazing!

Do you do your paintings digitally or traditionally?

ERA7's avatar

Thank you very much! =D

It's digital oil style :aww:

Gecko998's avatar


It's really cool how it still manages to look like a traditional painting

the brush strokes are awesome :0

CougarHearted's avatar

I would feel most honored to ride upon the glorious back of this long, and elegant looking dragon! :love:

InsanityEnforcer234's avatar

I really like what you did here. Instead of it being a dragon alone, it’s with a human partner. It really shows they can get along. But I also really like the sunset and the way the shadows are on their silhouettes. Such a beautiful compliment with the lakeside landscape. Nice work!

SketchMonster1's avatar
Spectacular piece. The texture is amazing as well as the color technique. Incredible work.
EmmerynDragonfang's avatar

An absolutely gorgeous piece! I absolutely love the colours and the detail you put into this!

ERA7's avatar

Thank you so much! :love: :hug:

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