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Episode 0: The Demon

Warning! This episode contains scary scenes!

Spiritus: Dragons of the Space
Episode 0: "The Demon" - is the special edition which tells the prehistory about the most dangerous and powerful spiritus in the Universe.

Victor Stroginov's unsuspecting family was abducted by varonjezhies. They took it to use in military experiments with ultimate goal of creating cross-breed species with spirituses. Victor was able to track the kidnappers, however while attempting to free his family he himself became captive. While in prison he was placed in cell next to a mysterious chained prisoner. This mysterious neighbor made a fateful offer, rejection of which, despite the circumstances, forever altered the course of his life...

Varonjezhies* - highly developed reptilian race. 

About "Spiritus the Universe" project:

The main events of "The Spiritus" take place in fictional galaxies, narrating stories about militant civilizations and the most fascinating adventures of heroes.
"Spiritus" or "spirit" in Latin language is the name of one of the most diverse inhabitants of the universe - spirituses. They are space dragons who often act as the main characters of the universe.

From author: This is text version of the upcoming graphic novel. I would say it's one of the most scary and dark episodes in the story but don't worry, not all of them are so hard. Hope you will enjoy this scenario and will be interested to know what happened with the characters in the next series! =) 
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How did you make your story like this??? It looks so good!