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Dragon King - Book Cover


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Done for a client. Please do not use it. 

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COMMISSIONS PRICES 2020 - OPEN!:new: Update from August 5: September is full. Open for October +I'm limited in new orders and will probably soon be open only for the "Freedom level":
:new: Important news for all clients: 
from this summer I will start to conclude special contracts with all clients who want to get a guarantee that nobody will use their commissions and which officially proves that only they have an exclusive rights on artworks. It will be optional so you have an opportunity not to do it but I would like to recommend to choose contract because it is also a good protection from resale by third parties and different art-thieves. For transferring all exclusive rights to you via contract I will take additional payment (the amount depends from category but in average it will be about 50% from commission's cost).
1) I don't accept fetish and porno requests. 
2) You may pay 50/50 or 100% at once. I accept payments vi
Mini-Commissions from $15 - Limited CategoryMain rules how I work you may find here.+
Here is specific rules for this mini-category:

1. Maximum resolution for this category - up to 4k. If you will need bigger the price will be higher.
2. Points and Paypal are welcome.
3. Only headshots and half body commission can be accepted for this category.
3.1. Update: for Freedom level I can accept full body too.
4. Process of working on your commission will include:
- 1 sketch
- 1 final colored illustration (in JPG\PNG\PSD, depends from what you will want)
- Several free edits (if it will be necessary)
5. I work according to my work schedule so before I will accept your commission we will need to clarify deadline.
6. This is limited category. It can be closed or changed in any moment.
7. Please Note me if you want to get a commission.


>> Freedom level - from $15:

- Headshots - from $15
- Half body - from $25
- Full body - from $50

- This level doesn't include sketch. I will choose composition and foreshortening on my taste but of course I will follow your descriptions.
- Several free small edits are included.
So basically this level means that you give me almost a full freedom to draw for you illustration according to your task.
Here is how process will looks:
1) You give me brief descriptions of what you want to get.
2) I draw for you illustration in my vision and you get fully colored illustration. Please note, that result can be in random quality (from simple level to advanced) and I will not remake it if it doesn't correspond to your ideas. In such situation I recommend to use other price options.

As I said, the quality can be random, but here is some averaged examples:
>> Simple level - from $25
Examples of quality: >> Medium level - from $35
Examples of quality:
>> Advanced level - from $50
Examples of quality: > Also you may support me on Patreon and get all exclusive content only for $1 per month...

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I'm trying to find my gf TwT Her name is MindnightDemon. Btw this art is really good!!