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those are Wyverns i demand a refund!

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Really dramatic moment you've captured here!

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Very dramatic! Nice job

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Excellent job :clap:

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Just :O AMAZING AS ALWAYS !! But I looooooove the lighting and fire look just :O so good

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The wings could use a better perspective, but beautiful anyway.

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Also has a Reign Of Fire feel to it.Nod 
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I finally finished reading the books and this picture was just in time to celebrate that!

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Ооо, привет! =D Я читала, что Мартин в карантине пишет продолжение))) Будем надеяться, что ему хватит времени, чтобы закончить)) 
Как у вас в Торонто? 
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Карантин, как и везде)

Amazing! I thought of Khaleesi right away 🔥

Nice work.
This may be considered a what if scenario where Dany decided to attack directly with her dragons Kings Landing.
With three dragons and her still not torn by pain, she will have both the power and the control to end the war pretty quickly.
Remember, one dragon was enough to decimate all Cercei's forces in less than a day, with three dragons Dany could take over Kings Landing in even a shorter amount of time.
The scorpions would do little and the Mountain would get either squashed or incinirated by either Drogon, Rhaegal, Visierion or even the three together.
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Thank you! :love:
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You're welcome! :)
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This is awesome, great work! Did you paint this digitally or traditionally?

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Thank you! =) It's digital
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Very cool! ^_^ I keep wanting to learn traditional painting, but it's incredible seeing what can be done digitally too!

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Some programs can imitate traditional painting like Artrage or Corel Painter =) Something similar can be reached in Photoshop too :nod:
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Ooo! I may have to look into that. I've avoided getting into actual painting because I'm afraid of the fumes affecting my cat, plus a lack of anyplace to do it without making a mess considering my little apartment. ^^;

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Like fire...

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Good morning! :wave: 
Thank you! =D
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