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Poor soldier ;_;

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this dragon is wonderful <3

how did you do this on canvas is amazing 🥺

And the magma rock look on the dragon it's just awesome

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Excellent job :clap:
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Lol the dragon look so bored like, the adventurer look like he was still mid-speech when the dragon just Yawned hell fire on him XD RIP XD

awesome tho!
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Knight be like... "Praise the sun!" and he got burned instead.
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...I mean, what was that knight THINKING?!?
Powerful work. A lot of energy in this creation. :clap: 
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Guess the knight came to a bad end.  The poor horse XD

Would they even be a snack for that size dragon?
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Oh no! Is someone getting torched?

Amazing art though! :D
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I'm so jealous right now of how well you did the fire in this. Outstanding job! :D :clap:
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Burn, baby, burn
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Haha! Barbequed Knight! ;P
Mike-the-dabbler's avatar
It's going to be a hot knight tonight! :XD:
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Or to paraphrase a line form Carry On Screamin':  "Fryin' to-knight!" :D
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i really reaally want to commission you to draw me a dragon badly TwT but dont have extra cash

into flame  into the death of fire no fool can upload his might 
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Good morning, Super Awesome!!!!!!!!!.
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Hot stuff Yuliya! :D (Big Grin) :firedrake: 
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