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the detail and colors in this is outstanding i love it outstanding job

Joder pedazo hidra, mira que las e visto imponentes y aterradoras, pero este bicharaco es digno de ser la cabeza de un ejercito del terror.
P.D. tiene el ojo de horus en el pechamen. 
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fantastic work!!!
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Like me guess zombies. It’s always zombies that corrupt every
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That's intense

I love it! :D
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HOLY OBELISK! THAT IS AMAZING! If King Ghidora wore pants, he would be pissing them if he saw this!
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DUDE this is impressiv how do you can draw such things? like rlly i first thought you did this with an 3D program O_O
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Wickedly awesomly done! poor lil Dragon T-T

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That poor, little dragon...... =(
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That is one hydra that you don't mess with.
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Impressive hydra Clap 
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Thank you! =D
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Like a scene from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World", only better! :wow: rvmp 
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Wow! Thank you very much! :happybounce:  Hydras are always epic =D 
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That's one angry lizard, LOVE it!
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Yeah! =D Thank you very much! 
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