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the first work i am putting in favorites............................................. amazing

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Wow. I really like your work. I want to ask your permission to repost it on my fanpage. I promise to write your name credit on the post and Cite your link in the comments section.

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Hi! Thank you! And sure =)

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Thanks so much. That is good news for the new working day.

Have a nice day

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Woah! Is that Deathwing and Nithogg?

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That's absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for creating such gorgeous peace of art!

This art made in my birthday:hug:

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wwhat amazing great wonder

2 mighty beaast raging towards destiny their fight shok the world and light the sky in a blaze
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Great job drawing them~ You're great at drawing action scenes. Can you show me how to draw them? I'd love to know how.
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Long Time No See!

I've always loved your epic imagery with its powerful blending of Fantasy with Futurism, & this has it in spades!

Your take on Dragonian creatures is brilliant, with just the right line between elemental energy & Material Beast; reflected in the mix of energetic crackle, embers & spark of both's forms while still maintaining a sense of physicality, best seen in their customized(!) armour of fire's shoulders & even body art(!) on the blue's bicep. It's such subtle touches which give your art & characters so much personality while still bringing out to fullest their sheer force to whelm us on each view.

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Thank you again! I am extremely happy with the piece! Both Dragons look absolutely phenomenal!
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Seems as if that's all legends ever do.
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I arrived late this time, but I'm delighted as every time with your art Era, nice job :D
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excellent, incredible dragon fight. blue and red colors, I love eletricity and blue smoke
the dragons are great and show creatures and your work achieves catura that mess
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Reminds me of dante and vergil fighting in their devil forms in devil may cry V, very awesome work
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Эпично!:D (Big Grin) 
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Good morning, Awesome Poses!!!!!!!!.
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