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+Alien Guest+

Second part of 7K wallpaper =) Hope you will like it =D

First part:
+Evanescence+ by ERA7

+Peace or War+ by ERA7
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Nice one, it looks amazing!

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Now that's REALLY Cool!

Purple is my favourite colour of all. To see so many different tones of it in this extremely well designed image is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this creation. Just brilliant. Good job. :+fav:|

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Космос остается загадкой. Не, не то что мы туда как человечество не летаем. Вот сидишь себе, мучаешься упражнениями, учишься рисовать человечков, ландшафты, портреты, сцены, вещи... И вроде начинает получаться, и начинаешь понимать, как это делается. А потом натыкаешься на такую красоту, как этот корабль меж звезд, и все мысли отпадают. Не представляю, как это нарисовано, и не хочу пока думать. Это волшебство! Хочу просто смотреть. Спасибо за этот рисунок!

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Thank you! :la:
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Thank you! :hug:
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I don't recall inviting this 'guest'... still, a marvelous piece of art, with incredible colors and depth and detail! :heart:
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Giggle  Thank you so much! I am a dummy!  I'm very appreciate your comment and very glad that you like it! :love: :la:
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I'm very glad you shared it with us!
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Эпично!:D (Big Grin) 
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Do you mind me asking if there is a story in particular behind it? Regardless, It is a gorgeous illustration you have made here? :D
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Thank you so much! :dummy:
Well, I planed to make an illustration with story so yes. But there can be different versions of it. This alien guy can be dangerous or vice versa be a peaceful stranger. "Peace or War" as it written in the title of the main work =) I would prefer to "peace" side and you? =) 
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In the bluntest of terms, I honestly would prefer this alien enounter to be one of peace and mutual understanding. That is the kind of future I want for mankind in outer space! :D
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Really amazing :)
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This is really neat!
Its alien and utterly fascinating!

GOD bless
John 3:16
Por todo los dientes de H.P.lovercraft.
E visto naves molonas y luego esta esta, me encanta el diseño, esa apariencia como si fuese un ser viviente le queda de 10.
Un trabajo magnifico la verdad 
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That is really, really amazing!
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It gorgeous! The colors are amazing! :heart:
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That creature/machine-thingy looks amazing! Incredible imagination you've got there!

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I wonder what this alien guest is, also, beautiful picture :)
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