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What kind of fears or phobias do you have as an artist? 

662 deviants said Comment, please!

Some people waited it very long so this action is for all who wanted to get an artwork from me. I make it as an exception.
So, 2 slots are opened! Don't forget to read the rules below!

The prices:


~Colored Concept Sketches without background (full-body) 1 character - from $50 (+ from $50 for additional characters/objects):

Predacon Design - Example by ERA-7S

~Colored Sketches (busts) +1 character+background - from $60 (+ from $60 for additional characters):

TFRID: My Love II by ERA-7STFRID - Optimus Prime and Elena I by ERA-7S

~Colored Sketches (waist-up) +1 character+background - from $70 (+ from $70 for additional characters):

TFAOE: Optimus Prime and Joana by ERA-7STFRID - Bumblebee and Elena by ERA-7S +Professional Contactee+ by ERA-7

~Colored Sketches (full-body) +1 character+background - from $80 (+ from $80 for additional characters):

Spirit of Warrior by ERA-7SFIGHT! by ERA-7S TFP: Close Friends by ERA-7S

Anime\Cartoon\Comics style:

~ 1 character without background (cell shading) - from $100 (+ from $100 for additional characters):

Sketch-full2 by ERA7 000 by ERA7

~ 1 character+background (cell shading) - from $120 (+ from $120 for additional characters):

Flying to the Light by ERA-7S TFRID2015: Look! by ERA-7STFRID: My Love by ERA-7S

Advanced Anime\Cartoon\Comics style:

~ 1 character+background - from $150 (+ from $100 for additional characters):

+Space Dragon Max+ by ERA7

Digital Painting:

~Digital Paintings (busts) +1 character+background - from $100 (+ from $100 for additional characters):

TFP: Love Don't Run by ERA-7STF2007: Old friends by ERA-7STFAOE: Happiness by ERA-7S

~Digital Paintings (waist-up) +1 character+background - from $150 (+ from $150 for additional characters):

TFP: Rest in the Mountains by ERA-7S+EVIL+ by ERA-7S TFP: Take It Easy My Friend... I'm here by ERA-7S
~Digital Paintings (full-body) +1 character+background - from $200 (+ from $200 for additional characters):

+SUNSET+ by ERA-7+Golden Lights+ by ERA-7+Wrath Of God+ by ERA-7 +Kapitosha Cat+ by ERA7


~Illustrations (full-body) +1 character+background - from 300$ (+ from 100$ for additional characters):

+Master of Healing+ by ERA-7+THE KING+ by ERA-7+AMBUSH+ by ERA-7

Environments, spaceships, objects:

~ Speedpaints - from $100:

+City of the Amethyst Nights+ by ERA-7TOKYO 2369 by ERA-7
~ Digital Paintings - from $150:

+Dragon Rocks+ by ERA7+Explorers of the New Worlds+ by ERA7
~ Illustrations - from $200:

+SKYDERUS III+ by ERA7Antian Battleship Makatias Class by ERA-7
+City of Thousands of Lights+ by ERA-7+ASIAN SPIRIT+ by ERA-7

For more examples visit my galleries here, here and here. Also some more works you may find on my Artstation.

And here is some rules:

1. Note me if you are interested in commission. Send me brief descriptions about what you want +references. Make your task maximum clear. If you will forget to include something and the work will be done then all changes will cost additional money. Please, be attentive. The artist is not responsible if your descriptions are incomplete.
2. The artist has the right to not accept your request without explaining the reasons.
3. According to item 1 the artist have the right not to refund payment if the work is done. 
4. Execution time of work depends from category and may take from 1 day to several weeks.
5. Contacting me via Notes you are agree with these rules.

Other info:
~ Clients are allow to get all project files, include 3D models, PSD etc
~ Clients will get all rights to image\design\3D model and allow to use them for commercial purpose
~ Clients are allow to ask me not publish works that they already paid 

Payment info:

~ I accept payments via Paypal and dA Points1$ = 100 Points
~ All prices are not include Paypal's fees. Clients should pay it from their side. If we will get the less amount we will ask you to make the second payment.
~ If you want to make payment via points then Note me.


1) Before payment client should send all details about order in brief form in Notes or via e-mail: They should include information about background, characters, what they will do on the scene and etc. Client also should add the references and examples to make the task clear.
2) Client may pay 50%/50% or 100% at once. After payment artist will get the first one or several sketches. On that step client can add simple changes or ask for more variants. The first 3 changes are free and the others will cost from $5 per sketch (depends from project).
3) When client accept sketch (WIP) artist will move to the main drawing process and will be working on it until final result.
4) Client receives the original image with all projects files (depends from order). 

Slots status:

1. ? - Opened!
2. ? - Opened!


Right now I'm in mountains in thousands of miles away from home. And today my birthday. Have great week guys!
New bug detected. Yesterday I tried to publish new work but dA didn't want to display the image. The same problem I noted with arts of other people too. The problem was solved after several hours. But today I found to unable to fav any new works. The site displayed this error:
Screenshot 3 by ERA7
Also the button "add to favorites" disappeared from all art-pages for my account. But on other profile it's still on it's place. You know, for money which people pay to Deviantart for core membership it have too much bugs. 
Fresh nebula render from Houdini. I still in "study mode" and hope to improve my work in the future. 
01 by ERA7
New spaceship project for client. Soon in my gallery!

Concept by ERA7WIP-2 by ERA702 by ERA7
Here is some more WIPs from project +ESCAPE+ which I made for client.
Rough sketch:
Web2 by ERA7
Monster WIP:
Renders by ERA7
I'm still opened for commissions. Contact me via Notes or


ERA7's Profile Picture
Yuliya Zabelina
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
:star: Because I always wanted to support and inspire people then in September 2017 it's become my new mission on Deviantart.
Thanks to these awesome guys - :iconyoshi-kaneko: :iconamara-soul: :iconalan-ray: :iconstock-master-pro: who help me to support others! :heart: Update: Currently on my profile works Amara who helps me with messages :nod: .

Here is some articles which may be useful for you:
Resources + ContentsIn this journal entry I wanna collect all my articles for your comfort :nod: . Also I will update it from time to time.
For artists and freelancers:

How to Earn Money - Part 3 [EN] by ERA-7Artist's Killers: Fears and phobias - Part 1 [EN] by ERA-7Artist's Killers: Fears and phobias - Part 2 [RU] by ERA-7Infernal freelancing - [EN] by ERA-7
For beginners:
Where to begin? Where to go? [EN] by ERA-7Why is it important to learn the basics? by ERA-7
Only RU (some of them will be in EN soon):
Popularity VS. Quality [RU] by ERA-7ART VS MONEY [RU] by ERA-7Space cheat or freelancer's weekdays [RU] by ERA-7Dedicated to Trolls [RU] by ERA-7''Infernal freelancing'' [RU] by ERA-7
How to Earn Money - Part 3 [RU, EN soon] by ERA-7Artist's Killers: Fears and phobias - Part 1 [RU] by ERA-7Artist's Killers: Fears and phobias - Part 2 [RU] by ERA-7The Power of Social Networks [RU, EN soon] by ERA-710 reasons not to work for client [RU, EN soon] by ERA-7
''I wish you all the bad''(c) - Part I by ERA-7Why I'm not working with Russian Clients [RU] by ERA-7How to become a popular [RU, EN] by ERA-7
The cure from envy    Perhaps this feeling is familiar to us all. The Internet is full of places where people literally sprinkle poison. The phrase: “a neighbor grass is always greener” appeared for a reason. People often do not try to understand the success of others, believing that they got it “accidentally” or “very easy”. In their understanding, others do not deserve to live better than they do. It is the reason for envy.
    I've seen many examples when the beginners, who grew up in a real professional could lose some of their friends. Friends began to envy him terribly, despise them, tell nasty things about them behind their back. Of course, those “friends” did not seek to develop their skills and were stuck in the category of trolls. Such people never think what the price for success was.
    In order to achieve something, I had to invest in myself constantly, spend all the money on my stud
How to become popular. Part I    Beginner freelancers and simple artists in general, often ask me about how to achieve popularity. Popularity helps people to become famous, earn good money and creatively realize themselves. It's for the main part. But do not confuse “popularity” and “earnings”. You may be a popular artist but have absolutely no income.
    Consider simple, free and low-budget methods of promotion on the example of Deviantart. Some of them can be adapted for other social networks. Here are 4 recipes I tested:
    Recipe 1 - Guaranteed
    1-A. Make a “viral” fanart of the most popular universes (Star Wars, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, etc.). The term “viral” is taken from advertising. Its task is to cause a strong reaction from the viewer. It can contain either a funny story, either story that will surprise the audience. For example, on Devianta
How much costs artist's work? How to set prices?The most popular question asked by beginners in freelancing, is “how much to charge for my work?” If you haven't found an answer, then sit back!
Suppose you are doing well with the level of performance and your artwork is of interest to the public. How do you determine the prices on your artworks? Everything is very simple:
1. Count how much money you spend on living in a month. That is, how much you pay taxes, how much do you spend on food, medicine, clothes, and etc. The resulting figure is the minimum amount for your survival. 
2. Add to it as much as you want to earn extra. But be realistic. A million dollars per month may only be a goal. You can’t earn that much at once. And hardly there are customers who can answer your appetites. Exceptions happen very rarely.
3. Let's say you need to earn $2,000 per month for a comfortable life. This means that you need to do 4 orders for $500 or 20 orders for $100. It all depends on the quality of pe
Cheat! Cheats and Tricks    Cheat! Cheat! And cheat again! Use everything that can improve your performance, facilitate work, increase efficiency, save time and allow you to earn more money. Experiment, develop your own tricks, learn from the tricks of successful artists, and explore new ways. If you are able to quickly and efficiently do the work that would require a month earlier, and the client would gladly accept it, why not? Freelancing is a business. All means are good. Progress does not stand still. There are always new tools, ways to ease the hard work of the artist.
    Let’s consider “cheating” as a good thing. For example, in the West there was time when they did not recognize the drawing of comics on computer, considering it something out of the ordinary. Today artists are eager to share their techniques of work on the graphics tablets. The computer that was considered as ”cheating”, has become an integral part of our lives. Jus

I'm professional digital artist who works for games and movies. Clients include Berserk, New Horizon RPG, Dragon’s Prophet MMORPG, World Of Tanks, Spiritus The Universe, Runewaker Entertainment and etc.

For commercial questions contact me via Notes or e-mail:


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Individual request
Individual commission request for :iconchow11:.


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That I create any elements. games, textures, sprites, videos, scripts, gif and my operating system

But what is even more interesting to insert a picture so I saw and made 3D model from 3D's Max

Because I'm the creator of the whole universe
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