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Oh gosh, it's lo lively, birdie and happy!
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Aww!!! :happybounce:  They are so cute!!! I love birds, and that is just ADORKABLE!!!!!
La la la la  Fangurl moment!
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I love this. Seriously this is amazing i love your art!!!
Kina-chan92's avatar
Oh my gosh!  They're so pretty!
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This is awesome! I love the budgies in the photos.
Nekochibi12's avatar
very pretty and cute x3
LeoAngell's avatar
The angle was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am Brazilian and I admire his work
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OMG!SO CUTE!!!!!!~~the one on the farthest right looks so cuteeeee!!!your drawings are so adorable!!!
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oh my goodness this is adorable :D
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I just love evrything in this picture. Keep doing this good work :D
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this is so great! it makes me have gooey eyes O-O
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Very cute and so colourful and lively!
Great chosen perspective as well.
RDRmaster's avatar
srry,but u want to much
ICS1999's avatar
omg sooo cute :D
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your art is amaaaaaazing
supernugget123's avatar
Love the paper strips :D
Minkymy's avatar
Food thieeeef~
VAMPIREWOLF2011's avatar
Wow! I love it!!!!!
It's so cute
I can tell, you love birds
I have two parakeets at home
and they are supper cute!
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Aww great work :3 I love the playful little birdies! :3 And they're green! *w*
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Ohh!! The newspaper bird reminds me of my pycnonotus Leucotis Bird when she wanted to make a nest in our house! So cuuute!
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