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  • Listening to: Higher - Taio Cruz (well not my type of song, Tv)
  • Reading: My journal entry...obviously
  • Watching: My computer screen...hello!?
  • Playing: Not with you, :)
  • Eating: Nothing, full up
  • Drinking: River's citron soda
Hello fello deviants, are the few ones coming here :D

So this is my first journal entry, i don't really know what to tell so lets talk a little bit about the weather...(4°C) just kidding (well maybe not for the temperature).

Well I want to use this journal to tell you about new deviations coming/what I'm working on:

- D-D gallery : "J-J" D-dev is still in reflexions. I need to find something about journeys, travels, ... all the stuff about moving (cause actually, I have to take the train to return to Brussels (yes sad for me, I was really fine here). I already have some songs in my mind, I'll let my hand decide the moment I'll start the drawing. Certainly something abstract for this time. Wait 'n' see...

- EoW gallery : A new character is ready to be sumbitted (Hyera from the sandly holy place of Makhab). But I want to add two others  ones (Oone and Aleska) still in my mind and on old sketches.

- Mµz gallery : Waiting for Spring, I also did some researches about what I'll bring. Even if colours are absent outside, I'll try to do something with all those cold-colours patterns.

Voilà. Now, let's move...saddly.

Mighty ho! deviants