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 Here is Tell es-Nahal clergy as it was at the time Hyera (in the center) was still a deaconess. Behind her stands Miura, also a deacon at that time. Two more characters with Ruba (on the right) and Mahish (on the left). At this time, the Gudan belief in Tell es-Nahal was more open that now, as women could become deaconess. 
 It was only with the presence of Miura and his silver tongue that the clergy became more man-centered. The disappearance of Manish and Miura coronation signing the switch.
 So what about Ruba and Manish...?

 Ruba is a young quiet and secretive boy who never leave the Tell es-Nahal temple's treasure room. Proficient in seals writing, deciphering, he keeps the scroll library of the holy city, the second most important source of Gudan teachings. Ruba spent his prime childhood in a cave, somewhere in the Mahkab desert. Raised by nomads parents, he was too fragile to wander out of the cave and they end up abandoning him. A few years passed and Ruba started to take care of his own by slowly going out at night, then staying all night long outside. He found a way to use the stars to localized his cave, then found a way to get out of the desert by following flagrance of the products caravaners loaded on heir montures. Ruba's arrival in Tell es-Nahal was his first encounter with other humans, and the choc happened to be quite brutal. Even if lots of travelers pass by the city, his pale skin and crimson hairs caused him to be pushed away, treated as a foreigner or a ghost of the desert. Plus, Ruba was indeed a curious boy : always willing to be in the shadows at day, rarely speaking, always starring to the sky, ... He soon became a child of the streets, relying on what passants let him. Two years passed and Ruba met Hyera who heard about a boy living with no parents and no home. She offered him to way of Gudan, believing he could be a deacon or at least hope for a "better" life. Ruban successfully became a deacon one year later, even becoming one of the favorites of the archdeacon Manish with Hyera. But all changed when Miura became a deacon and then made Hyera leave the clergy. Ruban then secluded himself in the most guarded place in the temple.

 Manish was the previous archdeacon before Miura, and the last who permitted woman at the clergy. He comes from a lignage of followers of Gudan and became the first to join the clergy at the age of 5. It's his mastery of scroll and seals who made Tell es-Nahal famous for it's huge and rich library. Manish always have been in good terms with the other archdeacons, going several time in their temple to receive and give benedictions. Righteous, but strong in his beliefs, it was him who made Hyera a deaconess and gave her all he knows/believes. 
 Soon after making Miura a deacon, Manish behavior slowly change to become less virtuous and more elusive. Distance became to grow between him and all other deacons expect Miura. Finally, it was him who banished Hyera, filling the lady with incomprehension and sadness. He soon was founded dead in his room, having drank poison... No one clearly understood what caused the fall of the archdeacon. But Ruba becoming the new archdeacon being seen as difficult and incertain, Miura took the liege and slowly change all in his liking... 

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