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Current Residence: Austin • Texas
Favourite style of art: Anything with Atmosphere or Soul

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Didem Hazinedar
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I ♥ Huckabees • Holiday • Network (70's)
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LTJ Bukem • Iron & Wine • Crystal Method
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William Moake • Flaery • Lucretius
Tools of the Trade
XT Rebel • Lenses • Photoshop • Perspective


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if you're thinking to yourself..damn I feel like watching a good, really really good movie. Enough of this pirates, shrek crap.. I implore you to continue reading ;) Dancer in the Dark The Cruise It's All Gone Pete Tong Oldboy Hope you've been swell. :wave:  I'm doing just fine, as a matter of fact! Just getting my bi-yearly journal entry out of the way, so it'll be disappearing for another 6 months now..heh.
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I am such crap at keeping active on the internet these days, so I write journals every now and then here to make myself feel better about it :P I'm not lying, go look back at the past ones. It's pure grovel. No wait, don't do would be a huge waste of time and i'm probably lying.. Hello! :wave: Let me start this over..I mostly just wanted to say how spankin' cool it was that moonbeam13 ( has selected me to be a part of the BT & Thomas Dolby Tour that's going around the States right now. Some of my things will be at the Texas venues! So if you're in Austin, Houston or BigD, come and check it out..and laugh with everyone else when
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Man.. MAN!@ You guys are all just way too damn cool, you know that? :) Thanks for all the forms of feedback's makes me smile sitting here knowing others are having an effect from something I simply love doing. Anyway, by contrast I fucking hate being on the computer any longer than I have to when I get off work (don't get me wrong, love the job and working in design but since I'm on one all day long..) so my process/time for now just consists of putting myself out there, capturing/making things, and bringing them here and at my site for people to view. Not so much time for this place as there used to be. Sort of a one way street fo
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Your work is wonderful! Your photos has this rustic, country,  old style quality to it! Very nice! 🐱
Dear Eric,

I posted the message below some time ago. However, I have not received any response from you.
If you notice this, please reply with your answer wether it's possible or not.
Waiting for your answer eagerly.

Best regards,

Request for the permission to use your pictures in our book

Dear Eric Matthew Gustafson,

I have sent following mail on April 16 via Note. But since I have not received any response, I post the message here.

My name is Yoshi Matsusawa of Frogdesign, Inc., Japan. I'm writing here to ask you for your permission to use your graphics/pictures in conjunction with jQuery scripts in the book we are currently preparing to be published by Impress Japan, Inc. for web designers and artists.

This book explains how to create WordPress pages combining with various jQuery scripts. jQuery scripts are programs which allow web designers to do various design tricks and/or effects without complicated programming themselves. jQuery itself is a program, so it needs graphics/pictures to perform its task.
We have requested many web developers who created various jQuery scripts for free under some licensing forms to allow us to publicize their scripts in our book, and we have received many positive responses. But, to explain how to use those scripts in the book, we need graphics/pictures to works with scripts.
We'd make scripts and pictures to be downloadable from the publisher's server so that the readers can exercise themselves following the book.

We'd like to use some of your graphics/pictures. We have not decided which ones we'd like to use. First, we want to ask you if it's possible. If possible, how many are OK and what are the conditions? If picture has face(s), is it OK to use copyright-wise?

Please note:
1. We would put credit for the pictures we use; name and URL you'd like to put.
2. We'd put the letter, "SAMPLE", on the pictures clearly to avoid reuse of the material.
3. Please provide us your postal mailing address if you wish to receive a copy when it's printed.
4. Scheduled publication date is sometime in this August or September.

Please contact me regarding this matter within next ten day.
We would appreciate your consideration and cooperation very much.

Best regards,

Yoshi Matsusawa

Yoshiaki Matsusawa
Frogdesign, Inc.
Very nice gallery & beautiful pictures!... Congratulations!... :)
efficient imagination!
You are late to your bi-annual update! Moarplz
So I was just lookin round at all the photos an came across one of yours. I tuck a look at the the rest of your work.... And "wow" your really good. I love your work. what kind of camera are using?