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Hey everyone! So I surprised myself by posting another journal entry... Except this time, my entry has a purpose. Last week, on January 28th, some of you are aware that I attended a stage hypnosis show. A lot of you were curious to know what happened during it, so I decided to post a journal entry about it, instead of repeating the same story to my friends. I will be putting in as much detail as I can, so if you are interested feel free to read!

Okay so, we all arrived there at about 7:30pm. The show itself didn't start until about 9:00. In the mean time, we sat around talking, and eating dinner. It was a sort of dinner play, so there was a buffet out. The food there was really fancy. Way more expensive than what I could normally afford. I was lucky to get the tickets for the show on sale from my professor. Anyways though, as I said we sat around and socialized, though I didn't do much talking, since I went to the show alone. Though I did engage in some small talk with my fellow classmates who were there as well. The buffets closed at about 8:50, and then the show started soon after. The hypnotist came to stage, and introduced himself. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember his name though. It was "The Amazing" something, I think. I asked my professor about it as well, he said that he was a fairly new hypnotist too, and thus fairly unknown. Probably why the tickets were cheap. The introduction was pretty funny, he made a few jokes, and did a few simple magic tricks too. Then he preceded to explain to the crowd about what hypnosis is, and all hypnosis is self hypnosis. You know, the general stuff. Finally, he began calling on a few audience members as volunteers. I was at the back of the room mostly, so I wasn't chosen to go up first. A man in about his 30's, a woman in about her 20's, a man also about in his 20's, and a female classmate of mine, were all chosen as the first volunteers. He then began to hypnotize them. I was surprised at how fast he brought them under too. He then began to leave simple suggestions, such as "the number seven does not exist" or "no matter how hard you try, your hands cannot touch each other." It was actually really entertaining. Throughout the night, the hypnotist would switch in, and out the volunteers. Also, each time the volunteers changed, the entertainment afterwards grew more physical, such as "you will think the person beside you is the most beautiful person you have ever seen" and there were also some slight transformation suggestions as well. It wasn't until the fourth, or so volunteer change that I got a chance to go up. Three of my classmates, two people I didn't know, and I were called up to stage this time. Now I have been hypnotized before through a few mp3 files over the net, but this was my first time being hypnotized by a professional, and in person. I remember sitting down on the chair on stage, and the hypnotist going around, and asking for our names.Then he began the induction. The induction was to focus on this hand as he spoke to me. To be honest, I think I fell under pretty quickly, because I only remember the beginning part of the induction, and nothing after that. I think I can recall blacking out a bit though. Anyways, I awoke a bit later back on the same chair on stage, along with the people I went up with. The audience seemed to have enjoyed themselves, since a few of them were still laughing. It took my mind a little to recall what had happened. I was apparently a singer, and I had to sing every time I talked. I thought I could take embarrassment, but I didn't expect that. That suggestion carried through the entire time I was under. It's a good thing I actually know how to sing. They hypnotist also played around with a few suggestions such as "you won't be able to see me, but you can still hear and feel me." That one was really crazy. He was poking us, and talking to us but I swear I couldn't see him. There were also a few transformations in our group as well. We were all turned into animals, and I was a puppy. That was an interesting experience, because no matter how hard I tried to say words, only "Arf" or "Woof" came out. Lastly, there were a few interactive suggestions with each of the current volunteers too. It was something like "you will feel a different sensation in your body when ___ touches you." So we each took turns poking each other, and getting different sensations. I know that when one of my classmates, Kevin poked me I would feel a really hot sensation from where he poked me, and that feeling would spread. Also, whenever I touched someone, they would get the feeling they were being tickled. Though my favorite one, was when this man would poke you, you would feel intense, yet relaxing pleasure from the point where he touched you and it would spread. Unfortunately after that though, we were taken back down into trance, had our triggers, and suggestions removed, and then woken up again. The night continued in a similar fashion, until about 11:00 at which the show was over. I didn't get a chance to go up a second time, however after the show the hypnotist was sitting at some booth, where people could go and talk to him. I had a nice chat with him. Apparently he said I was a very good subject, one of the best he has had. He said he's going to have a second show some time in August. So I'm definitely going to that!

Well I hope you enjoyed that. I tried to recall as much as I could, so thank you for taking the time to read that giant wall of text. On another note though, on February 14th or 15th I'm not going to be on the computer so much. Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend finally comes out then. I'm so excited for it! So I'm going to be spending a lot of time training offline on that game. I'll check on the computer occasionally though, so don't worry about that. Though with school, and Blazblue occupying all my free time, I can't make any promises. After about a month or so, my hype should calm down and I'll be back! Feel free to talk to me until then though, as I check my DeviantArt account everyday, multiple times a day!

(PS - Even though I never post journals, I still miss my premium journal skin I had on free premium day... Profound sadness)


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Hello! I've been creeping around this site for awhile on my friends account, but decided to finally make an account of my own. Don't expect too many uploads from me though...

So hey, in case you were wondering, my user name is a play on my name (Erika) but split in the ER (for Emergency Room) and iKaa (like iPod or iPad or something. I'm a huge fan of Kaa the snake) ... I think its pretty clever at least.

Hmmm well about me... I'm 22 years young. My birthday is June 20th, 1993. I am 5"6 with blond/black hair, and dull blue eyes. I have three piercings, one on each ear, and one on my navel. I'm in school/university taking up psychology. I'm kind of a couch potato, and like to lounge around when I can. I'm also really into anime, and gaming. I only really play on the Xbox 360 though but I do have a PS3 as well.

I love meeting new people, and I'm overall pretty friendly so come by and give me a shout. I'll almost always reply. I like to ramble on about random things, and I love deep conversation with new people. Although I am generally a friendly person (or I'd like to think so) I am kind of a troll, but hey we all are deep down.

Well if there's anything else you want to know just ask. I'm a pretty open person, and I'll talk about anything really. Though like everyone else I do have my taboo subjects. But we can talk about that when YOU contact me sometime. Yeah that's right, I'm talking to YOU.

Sorry for the long and boring bio, but that's what bios are I guess. Feel free to see an incredibly general list of my interests down there. Thanks for stopping by.


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