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Solar Crown


Like the flaming horns of Ares herself, this crown shows the wearer's loyalty to the Highlordess herself.

For those Ballators who want to show express loyalty to their chosen High or Lowlord, they can come to the base of the Mountain of the Three and craft special crowns.

Cannot stack; one Solar Crown per Ballator. Cannot be used in the same drawings with other crowns or horn decors.
When equipped, this item gives the ballator +1 Attack Strength and +1 Stamina per full-body drawing when the horse is drawn wearing the crown.
Cannot be unequipped.

Cannot be purchased.

The Solar Crown

Ares' own creation, the Solar Crown consists of three main elements:
- Metal
- Wood
- Leather

The Solar Crown consists of a metal headpiece, fire-resistant leather fasteners, and various types of wooden 'antlers' or torches that resemble Ares' own horns when they are lit on fire. The wood is covered with any manner of long-lasting burnable liquids, such as oil, tar, etc. 

At this time, to craft the Solar Crown you will need-
2x Antlers
- 2x Leather Hides (Medium)
- 1x Armor

Crown Design

You may design your own headwear, or you may use the design above.

Must Include:
- Metal head armor, covering at least the top of the head from the eyes up.
- At least two branches; flames do not need to be drawn every time.
- Leather bindings connecting the branches OR the armor to the head. Branches may fit into fitted slots on the armor if desired.

Design Restrictions/Requirements:
 - Metal may be gold, copper, silver, steel (including tempered steel colors) or rose gold. One type and color of metal may be used.
- Engravings, spines, ridges, etc are permitted on the Armor Headpiece.
- Wood may be any type of natural wood. The crown must show at least two branches.
- Flames must be natural orange/yellow/red/white flames.
- Leather may be any color of leather, natural or altered.

When you draw your crown, you may change the design of it freely as long as it fits the description above. You can design a crown and it to link on your horse's reference if you prefer!

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