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Small Trait Adder

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USE: This item allows the user to add a small trait to their horse, regardless if the parents have it or not. This item must be applied to designs or accepted designs, not breeding notes or unaccepted designs.

The Small Trait Adder may only be used once per horse.

NOTE that all these traits (except inheritable traits such as: extra manes, capillae striping & horn fade) are still free to add for Unaccepted designs. This item is for the adding of these traits to accepted designs.

The magical painbrush may add any of the following:

Capillae Striping: 
Stripes of the horse's base horn color on the shoulder mane. Example; Example

Horn Fade:
Slight color alteration to base/tip of horns. Must be around the same shade as the base horn color.  ExampleExample

Extra Manes (according to the Type):

African: Fullback, Halfback (withers), Halfback (rump), Rump.
Arctic: No possible extra manes.
Asiatic: Fullback, Halfback (withers), Halfback (rump), Rump, Brows, Beard (male).
Desert, Mountain, Forest, Plains: Fullback, Halfback (withers), Halfback (rump).
Lilliput: Fullback, Halfback (withers), Halfback (rump), Rump.

Lighter areas of the coat in an irregular circular pattern. Most seen on the barrel and rump. Example ; 

Minimal white:
Stars, Snips, Blazes, Strips, Socks (up to the knee), coronet bands, etc. Ermine marks on the socks are permitted.

Small spots of hair that have los pigment. Most seen around the soft ares of the body. Example ; Example. Cannot cover more than 10% of the body.

Area of 'reverse dappling' or lightning-like marks on the topline. Example ; Example

One use. Cannot Stack. 

625 Points / 350 Denarii

You MUST add your horse's new design to the Group Lineart and apply the item at the Design Updates forum after your purchase is approved.

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