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Allows one of the following functions:

1. Redesign your Ballator
The same genotype must be kept; but coat shades, marking design, and possible inherited manes can be changed.
If your horse is a starter, the same genotype must be kept; but horn color, coat shades, marking design can be changed. Extra manes can be removed, but not added.
To change any horn shape, you need a Horn Changer.

2. Change Poecilia Markings and/or Colors
Allows the poecilia colors and body/mane markings to be changed, as long as they fall within the possible color range and marking patterns of the parents.
For starter horses, you may change the marking type to any of the Marking Types, but colors must remain within the same color group. (ex: A red poecilia mane could be changed to orange).

** If your horse has Calva, the Skinchanger only allows you to create a new Calva based on the parent's calvas. 
If you want to make a new Calva design, you must use Mutante Calvaria in conjunction with the Skinchanger. **

If you are skinchanging an Official Import:
Members may not redesign on the Import Lines unless the Admin who designed the import gave you the PSD at time of order completion; the PSD should contain a layer called 'MEMBER BG/BACKGROUND' or similar which you are to use as the Background for the re-designed import. If your PSD did not come with said member background, but you have the main file, you may re-design your starter on the lines and the member BG will be given to you upon review.
Members may not re-distribute this background or use it on any other import other than the one it was in the file with. Any member found doing this may face a warning.


1000 Denarii / 2000 Points

For Unaccepted Horses:
You MUST add your horse's new design to the Group Lineart and apply the new design via the Design Hub after your purchase is approved.

For Accepted Horses:
You MUST add your horse's new design to the Group Lineart and apply the item at the Design Updates forum after your purchase is approved.

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