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ID 9000 | Antares


This is a Group NPC. Read more about them HERE.
At this time, Antares cannot be rented or interacted with outside of the current Monthly Questline.

Basic Information

Name: Antares
Nicknames: X
ID 9000
PhenotypeNecrotizing & Star-Touched
Genotype: N/A
BreedEquusBallator | Steppe Troubadour 
Age: Unknown
Height: 16hh approximately
Gender: Stallion, sterile



Twin to ID 9001 | Betelgeuse


| Sinister | Malicious | Cunning | Defiant | Intelligent |   

Voice Claim: TBD

History: Appearing from beneath the depths of the waterfalls in the star-touched oasis of Aether's Hoofprint, Antares was the first of the twins to be awoken by the Red Star. He began a battle of legendary proportions, against ghouls, Ares' Hunters, and Aether's Warriors. Nothing is known of his intentions, his meaning, his purpose. He is as mysterious as the Red Star itself...

 Appears to be the most violent of the two twins.

Patron Highlord: Unknown, but frequently references his 'Masters'

Favorite Color: Unknown

Favorite Season: Unknown

Trackers and Equipped Items

Stat Tracker (Coming Soon)
Hunting Tracker (Coming Soon)


Horse Art (c) Fargonon | | Background art (c) Skellri | Profile Layout Courtesy of Fade--Touched
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