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Cleansing Elixir




USE: This strange elixir appears to be part liquid, part gas, and refuses to obey the laws of gravity. This potion will cleanse a Ballator from ONE of Hannibal's Curses. All horns and manes lost will grow back into their original state or any curse/gift will be removed.
This item will restore all horns, including any gained via Aether before the Elixir was used.

One use; can stack.
This item may only be used twice per Ballator.

When using this item, please use the following form in addition to the item purchase form:

Curse to be removed (If applicable):
Proof of original horn/mane design
(If applicable):

800 Points / 400 Denarii

Learn how to purchase items at the Denarii Hub.

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Intriguing. What if an EB was blessed with the smoke manes, then lost their manes and then had this applied. Would the lost manes grow in as they were before being blessed and the tail staying smiley, or would they grow in as smoke?
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