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Blueberry Extract

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Use: Allows the user to remove one (1)  gene, modifier, or mutation to a breeding or UNNACCEPTED design. Cannot stack; one use. 

Maximum two Raspberry Extracts of any potency allowed on one horse, not two per type of extract.

Does NOT allow the removal of horns. 

This item may not remove a gene passed by a dominant parent.
The gene will be completely removed from the horse's genotype and it will be unable to pass said gene.

This item may be used to remove:

Flaxen, Silver
Dun, Roan, Cream, Double Cream, Champagne, Pearl, Sooty
Appaloosa and White markings
Hornstripe, Inverted Horn Color, Bi-Color, Ombre 
Calva, Rictus Dusty, Oryx, Sunset, Chrome
Tuxedo, Okapi Dun, Reverse Roan, Taffy, Clownfish Tobiano, Dotted Sooty, Merle, Arctos
 Archetain, Jester, Carey; Oryx on Desert, Fu, Aves
Poecilia, Veneum, Wyrm, Zebroid

Cannot be used on Extension (ee/Ee/EE) or Agouti (aa/AA/AtAt/A+A+)

May NOT be used to remove:

Genes from a horse who has been registered.
Genes passed by a dominant parent. (Example: If one parent is SplSpl, the foal must have splash.)
Mane or physical mutations
Physical mutations caused by inbreeding or crossbreeding

Please remember to check the Denarii hub to apply this item to a breeding or Ballator.


150 Points / 75  Denarii  For Base coat/mane traits
200 Points / 100 Denarii for White/Appaloosa markings
325 Points / 170 Denarii for Ballator Markings

Learn how to purchase items at the Denarii Hub.

Items Needed to Craft:
5x Fruit, 5x Herbs, 1x Albino Pelt

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