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04/24/20: Equus Ballators and Eclipse

April 24, 2020 Dear Equus Ballator Members,    The Admin Team would like to extend a message after the recent Announcement made by DeviantART Staff.    Our community has always been firmly and squarely rooted in and on DeviantART but we are as concerned by the lack of care and communication extended to groups and, specifically, ARPGs during this quick transition. There are many functions of our group that rely heavily on the Stash system and on the functionality and ease of the current set up. Our concern has been growing as we have watched the Eclipse updates and we are very disappointed that the needs of the ARPG communities have not b
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EquusBallatorSociety is an ancillary account for the Equus Ballator group. We are currently in the process of transitioning our major systems over to our new website so we can continue to grow beyond DeviantART's set up, however, we are NOT leaving DeviantART! Please Note the Group if there are any questions!

June 2020 Update

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The Equus Ballator Admin Team would like to thank our amazing Member Base for all of their patience, cooperation, and understanding while we transition our major systems to the new website.

We are NOT leaving DeviantART! But we will be existing in conjunction to it as our group continues to grow and expand.

-- Fargonon & the Admin Team

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If you purchase a companion and it adds speed or intelligence, etc would it add the extra stats to previous drawings? Or from pictures after the companion was purchased/won
It would not add stats to previous drawings! The companion stat bonus would only be applicable to images drawn after the companion has been applied to that EB
Hello! Would I use the standard raspberry potion to ensure the dominant white gene passed through a breeding?
A Standard Raspberry Extract can be used to pass most any gene side from the rarer mutations (I.e. Zebroid, Mane Mutations)  HOWEVER, a parent must have the gene to pass it. It can be applied before or after a breeding has been rolled just keep in mind if you use it before and roll a Ww and the extract is added that foal will be deceased!
Hey there!! Old timer coming back after nearly a year's hiatus |D It looks like we've switched to having all horses on an official import sheet like Tokotas/Drakehest, is there a journal you can direct me to for instructions as to how to get all my horses updated on the new system? 
Welcome back!! To answer your questions, yes, we have all that information on our design bank account BallatorDesignAdmin! The Design Hub journal Design Hub should be a great place to jump back in.

In future, it's best to ask questions on the main page of the group EquusBallator, or to note the group! The front page of this account doesn't get checked very often, but I happened to be wandering by. :D So if you have any further questions, don't be afraid to reach out to us admins via dA or if you have discord, we have a questions channel there as well! discordapp.com/invite/q79bZ8F

Thank you so much! :heart: