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Random item idea: The opposite of keratin capsules, letting you simplify down a horses horns.

I can't be the only one who would draw certain horses more if they didn't have a million unneeded spikes Crying 
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Hey there! We already have an item available in our shop that can do that!
Horn Changer by EquusBallatorSociety
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I was actually thinking of something less invasive (and expensive lol), like you'd keep the color and shape in general, but lose some spikes/extra bits? Basically a lower tier of the horn changer.

Using the horn changer for the reverse idea of keratin capsules just seems like shooting cannons at sparrows lol
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Small request here. I'd love if the BDA could submit PNG images over JPEGs. Or at least maximize quality when saving. The import files are all grainy and low quality. PNG eliminates grainy-ness and aren't even huge files, so I don't know why they are all still JPEG hahaha
It does sometimes create problems with colour selecting
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Hey there! 
I just wanted to swing in and say  that we do upload PNGs (when the users provide them to us that way - if they submit a JPEG image, that's what we will upload, we don't require the image to be PNG!) BUT it's actually a dA glitch that causes it to become a JPEG upon upload. :( I personally submitted a ticket to them about it a long time ago, and it's a known issue that dA is working on, but it's something entirely out of our control.

One small work around that I do, and it helps - if you erase 1 pixel from the background, so there is just one transparent spot, and save as a PNG, it forces dA to retain the PNG file & quality. It's not something we can force our members to do, obviously, but on a personal level it gives me some relief! :D

I hope that explains!
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Ohh ok I see! Cos yea I always submit mine as png and they always upload as jpeg in the BDA account. What a weird bug.. I’m surprised dA hasn’t fixed this yet o:
thanks for responding! And thanks for the tip!
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Publicly sending in requests on a journal to have horses deceased.

It would sort of run like the design acceptances do. People will post a horse import to a journal to have the horse deceased, AS WELL as posting the full slot list in their comment so that those who haven't used their slot will get a notification so they will remember to use their slot in time..
Or maybe making the deceased horse's slots locked in so whoever was in the slots upon deceasing can still use them whenever (I know you can use them within 2 months after but that is a very short window of time and sometimes people forget). Kind of like egg freezing or sperm freezing.
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A misc. art folder for non-colored art or art that people don't care to count stats for. 
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A mutation that would cause bob tails or short nubs, with minimal fur length. like on a rabbit or some clydesdales. (sorry if this is already suggested or in the group)
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I haven't seen this suggestion made, or read of this actually existing, but if it has then oops. 

I suggest that if a person purchases an import they have to wait until the season after the next before they can purchase another, that way it gives others chances to purchase a custom. 
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Idea for a mutation : bird themed !

Like owls like or hawk or other birds ! It would be super badass ! <3
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I want to make the suggestion to possibly update certain Charts and Guides to include more information about either a Mutation, dilution, etc. More detailed information in general would be wonderful since it helps give creators and designers ideas for what they want or what they may want to do with a certain design.

One thing being the Albinos since there is very little information besides what is currently on the sheet. My suggestion for the Albinos is either a sheet like the various Coat types that show both a True Albino and various looks for Psuedo Albinos or to include on the Coat Mutation sheet a list of what mutations can be expressed in more detail since the sheet does not mention that Bi-Color expresses on a True Albino. This one would be something similar to other sheets where it basically gives information on the Mutation (Such as the Calva Sheet for example) and it will help Foal Designers knowing what they are doing since it can sometimes be hard to get the information needed to design a foal.
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Also, I happened to read AnimalArtKingdom's suggestion, and I may have one about hunting rolls.

In another ARPG i'm in, they created a "Hunting entries"folder in the main group gallery. And inside this folder, they created another folder called "completed".
When an hunting result is rolled, the admin moves the pic in the "completed" folder.
Look here :…

Maybe it can be more easier to handle than a comment thread since in a folder, you have a overview of everything.
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Suggestion for the future EBS/UPFA tournament : Putting a limit to the amount of stats. For example for the 1000+ stats.

There are some VERY HIGH stated EBs and I think it may be very unfair for new players/new fighters (That's why I won't put Ukame in next year because of her 1000+ stats.).
Just to make things more fair and entertaining, giving the players more luck to win some rounds. ^^
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Suggestion for the hunting roll system right now.
Not exactly how they are rolled but the system in which they are submitted and taken.
I have seen recently that a lot of the hunting images are losing their spot in queue, in the comment thread because they are not being accepted into the group right away. 
I'm suggesting that the same person that is rolling the hunt images should also be the person that is accepting them into the group, that way nothing is skipped because the group admin cannot keep up with the hunting submissions. It isn't the players fault and we shouldn't have to lose our spot in the rolling queue because of someone else not being able to keep up/not doing their job. It's disheartening seeing all the rolls being done and ours skipped, when our submissions are actually still waiting in the group queue and just not accepted yet.
Or how about submissions be automatically accepted into the hunting image folder, then nothing will ever get skipped when rolling comes around?
:meow: :)
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Heyo! Firstly, thank you for the feedback! I just wanted to respond with why we unfortunately can't impliment this idea.

Auto-accepting hunts means that an admin wouldn't be able to review the info on it (stat count, hunting form, etc) to ensure it's accuracy! This creates a consistency issue for both members and admins that we can't compensate for any other way. Auto-accepting to any folder really is a tricky business because what if a user submits something to the wrong folder on accident?

As for having one admin perform both things, this would only create a backlog in hunting as a whole seeing as one person would have to take on more work when we have an entire team of really talented and capable people to do it! Plus with accepting them before they are rolled, other members get the chance to see your artwork via large group exposure!

As thinns sot currently, there is only a couple days of lag between the two, perhaps it would help if you waited to comment on the hunting area until after your hunt is accepted? That way everything is correct from the get-go and there is no lag :)
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Adimin appreciation day!
I think you should add these three types! Jungle/Rainforest, Sawmp,  Coast! (Like the beach and ocean)
I think this would be really cool to see! Can't look forward to the updates to come! <3
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Jungle/rainforest is now a thing with the Lilliputs, so now all we need is Coastal and Swamp!
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I'd love to see a way to breed hunters.
Like you can breed for stats, it would be nice to breed two venators and have the foal start as medial or maybe "have already 5 hunts" so it just has to do 5 further hunts to become medial.
That would be pretty cool :)
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This may be a shot in the dark, and it's unlikely that anyone will listen to me, but it's work a try!

I'm new to the group, but I've always admired these beauties from afar. I've watched the species grow and thrive. I've seen new types of Ballators introduced as time passed, and today it got me thinking. We have Ballators adapted to forests, deserts, mountains, plains...

So why not a Swamp Ballator? A shorter stockier breed, similar in build to a Camargue, with boar-like tusks and a few smaller protruding teeth either on the top of the bottom, similar to a gator's or croc's, used for both foraging and rooting, as well as fishing. Manes would likely grow more to the upper half of the body to keep from becoming waterlogged. Horns may likely be smaller and tucked closer to the head to avoid being caught up on lower hanging branches or vines. 

I don't have full details or fleshed out ideas of course, because I don't know the species inside and out, but I would love to get some feedback from the general community as well as admins on this! Heart 
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I'm very interested in this. Outdated though it may be i'm commenting anyway and would be a great way to make another persons suggestion of the ability to hunt birds and fish make even more sense. 
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Maybe an admin appreciation day?
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Gene Removal Item/Return
Now... We've all had that gene on one of our horses that we own that we just generally dislike and would like to remove... However I've noticed lately that it's become much harder to actually remove a gene from an already existing horse. The only way to be able to do this seems to be through Regales quests or somehow earning Aethers Wish, which the quests can only be completed once and it's extremely hard to earn/win Aethers wish.
So I propose an item to allow someone to remove a desired gene from a horse or allow the skin changer to remove genes again.
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More titles for stat ranks! I've noticed lately more horses are getting to 1000+ stats and I think it would be a good idea to add more ranks!
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