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EDIT 9/3/17 - In 1 week, on September 10th, the animation stat method will be edited to make them easier to count. If you have any animations in the works you may want to get those done before the change to avoid confusion!

The Stat System provides a way to improve your Ballator stock.
Stats can be passed onto offspring as well as helping your Ballator succeed in competition.

Horses must be accurately represented in all their artwork so that it is clearly identifiable as that horse, as well as having all horns and/or distinctive markings the horse has. 

These are the existing categories for earning stats:

  • Gaits: 0
  • Dressage: 0
  • Jumping: 0
  • Intelligence: 0
  • Stamina: 0
  • Speed: 0
  • Strength: 0
  • Experience: 0 
  • Attack Strength: 0

Measurement of Stats:
  • Novice: 0-29 stats total 
  • Intermediate: 30-79 stats total
  • Advanced: 80-149 stats total
  • Expert: 150-399 stats total
  • Elite: 400 stats total
  • Olympian: 500 total
  • Royal: Over 800
:bulletyellow: Each time you pass a level, your EB is awarded an additional breeding slot. To claim this new slot simply note the group with a note titled 'Breeding Slot via Stats' and we will confirm the slot. List the new slot in your Ballator's reference and make sure you state that it was gained from stats. :bulletyellow:

But what if I do not want to deal with stats or track them for my horses?
You have complete freedom to do as you wish! However any horse not logging stats will not pass on any stats to it's offspring as there will be no way to see how many stats it has.

How to get Stats


You can acquire stats with your own drawings or drawings that other people have done.

All art must be colored. (Grayscale drawings can fall under this, as long as its "shaded" and not plain lineart)

  • DA pixel Icon: +1 point
  • Chibi: +1 point fullbody. +.5 for headshot
  • Headshot (less than 49% of body showing): +1 points
  • Full body/Half Body (half body must include at least neck, shoulder and portion of barrel): +3 points
  • Shading: +1 point fullbody. +.5 for headshot.
        * Must show effort. You cannot, for example, have only two legs/half the horse shaded unless the light source allows.
        *Acceptable/Unacceptable shading examples:
  • Simple BG: +2 points
        * A simple BG is constituted by a background such as, for example, sky and grass, little shading, and/or a few sparse trees.
        * Solid colors, patterns, and stock photographs do not gain simple background stats. Small backgrounds within borders behind the horse will be counted as simple.
  • Detailed BG: +3 points
  • Tack +2 per full-set of tack, +1 for one piece.
  • Every extra character: +2 points for fullbody; +1 for headshots; +.5 for Chibis. "Extra Character" can refer to another horse, animal, or handler/human.
  • Photomanipulation: +5 points
Animations have a base stat (simple or complex) and element stats. These are not 'per frame'. Base for the picture (the 'base' on which the animation runs) + base for extra characters/shading, etc + base for it being animated = the total stat count. 

Base for Animations:
Complex: +10 stat (3+ characters, hand drawn running frames, changes in shape per object, etc)
Simple: +5 stat (1-2 characters, blinking, static things moving across page, etc)  

All other stats count as normal (bg, shading, etc.). Extra characters that are moving gain an extra stat: Simple movements such as blinking, moving one leg, etc are +1 per extra. Complex such as running, jumping, etc, are +2. Static extra characters are the normal +2. (For example, if your extra character was blinking, it would add +3.)

Example: Fullbody with simple background and 3 characters running would be:
Fullbody +3, Extra characters, complex +8, Simple BG +2, Complex animation +10
TOTAL: 23 stats

Example: Headshot with complex background and simple animation:
Headshot +1, complex BG +3, simple animation +5
TOTAL: 9 stats

Example: Fullbody gallop animation of horse chasing prey with moving background:
Fullbody +3, Extra Character (complex) +4, complex background +3, Complex animation +10
TOTAL: 20 stats


View our guide on what will count for stats in a lit entry and what will not!
A Guide to Literary Submissions

Every 200 Words: +1 stat. 100 words do not equal .5 stats; only multiples of 200.Extra Characters: +2 for each. Only applies to characters who are an important part of the plot and/or story; must have at least a minimum of 2 paragraphs with the extra character being involved and contributing to the story. It does not apply to a brief mentioning of characters or characters stringed into the same actions.
               - Extra characters for Roleplays may be applied to characters who are an integral part of the ENTIRE story not just a few mentions in a couple of paragraphs/posts.
Like Collaborations, the maximum amount of stats a single literary entry can gain is 50 stats.For ROLEPLAYS, you only count for stats the words you write. This ensures that both parties are properly compensated for their work.Items and Companion Bonuses may be count

  • Every 200 Words: +1 stat. 100 words does not equal .5 stats; only 200 words and multiples of 200.
  • Extra Characters: +2 for each. Only applies to characters who are an important part of the plot and/or story; must have at least 2 paragraphs with the extra character being involved and contributing. Does not apply to a brief mentioning of characters. Does not count for roleplay.
  • Like Collaborations, the maximum amount of stats a single literary entry can gain is 50 stats.
  • For ROLEPLAYS, you only count for stats the words you write. This ensures that both parties are properly compensated for their work.

The stats you get from the drawings/stories can go into any category EXCEPT experience and attack strength: Experience/Attack stats are won in competitions and shows as well as some items.

  • Place 1st in any show: 5 points 
  • Place 2nd in any show: 4 points 
  • Place 3rd in any show: 3 points 
  • Place 4th in any show: 2 points 
  • Place 5th or lower in any show: 1 point 

You must be able to prove placing from a journal, rosette with your horse's name and placing on it or something similar.

Discipline & Stats

This is how the stats are divided into each Discipline.

Common Disciplines
  • Dressage: Dressage + Gaits
  • Showjumping: Jumping + Intelligence 
  • Cross Country: Jumping + Stamina
  • Endurance: Stamina + Speed 
  • Halter/Liberty: Dressage + Gaits 
  • Free jumping: Jumping + Intelligence
  • Flat racing, gallop: Speed + Gaits 
  • Trick Riding: Intelligence + Dressage
  • Mounted Games: Speed + Dressage
  • Cutting: Intelligence + Dressage 
  • Reining: Speed + Stamina 
  • Barrel racing: Speed + Stamina 
  • Western Pleasure: Dressage + Gaits 
  • Hunter, flat work: Dressage + Gaits 
  • Hunter over fences: Dressage + Jumping 
  • Carriage Pulling: Strength + Gaits
Ballator-Specific Disciplines
  • Log pulling: Strength + Intelligence
  • Wrestling: Intelligence + Strength
  • Chariot Racing: Speed + Intelligence
  • Hunting (small or large game): Stamina + Intelligence

Foals and stats:

Every foal, starter horse and import starts in every category with 0. If a foal is the product of a breeding, the foal will inherit half of the stat points of each parent in each respective category (except experience and attack strength).


Gaits: 0
Dressage: 4
Jumping: 2
Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 3
Speed: 0
Strength: 0
Experience: 0

Gaits: 0
Dressage: 2
Jumping: 0
Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 2
Speed: 0
Strength: 4
Experience: 0

Gaits: 0
Dressage: 3
Jumping: 1
Intelligence: .5
Stamina: 2
Speed: 0
Strength: 2
Experience: 0

Credits for the stat system go to Danesippi/Ravica.

© 2015 - 2022 EquusBallator
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Since it's outdated is their a new Stat system?
Winzer's avatar
The Stat System
this is the new stat system! We are working on getting the link on our main page updated, apologies for the confusion! :D
Cierra-Frost's avatar
I can reuse lines for a ref, but they won't be counted towards stats, correct? (:
Winzer's avatar
wisteria-artz's avatar
 In the stat calculator, what does it mean when it says #REF! ?
BrynLison's avatar
That calculator appears to be broken! I will let the person who created it about that!
BrynLison's avatar
No problem! Sorry about that
Emberic16's avatar
How do I find the stat calculator? 
Verfalo's avatar
Are we getting experience also in shows made by random people (in the journal is: place 4th +2 points, 5th or any lower in any show +1 point, is it to experience?) or we can get experience points only in official EB fights etc?
Winzer's avatar
Experience is only gained in official EBS events at this time!
Verfalo's avatar
So with a new EB we won't have any chance to win in pit fights/wrestling? XD Or we can even if our attack+exp will be pretty low? (I suck at counting this) XD
TheElvenJedi's avatar
Do pixel icons get counted as being 1 for being the icon + points for bg, or is it just 1 total?

(Trying to work out what my current icon should be worth xD sorry I'm still kinda new to the system lol) and would the flickering stars count as simple animation or is it too simple to count for those at all?
Verfalo's avatar
Hello! I'm curious how can we count animation if we make a movie? Each scene will be counted individually? :D Like for example, we're having trotting horse and that's the first scene (fb with complex animation), after that the horse is turning his head (headshot with complex animation) etc. - it's like a few animations montaged with each other that's why I ask about counting them like separated ones.
MoxieMysteries's avatar
Heyo! We don't currently have a stat count system for movies or super long and excruciatingly detailed animated features because they are so often the exception rather than the rule, and we can't have tiered rewards for everything. Apologies for this, but we can't cover all grounds and we do definitely encourage you to expand your characters in whatever way you see fit! This type of feature would go under 'complex animation' and get other stats as well based on composition and extra characters in the movie, but nothing would stack as scenes change.
Verfalo's avatar
Ohh I see, thank you! So it's better to make a few shorter GIFs than full movie?
MoxieMysteries's avatar
If it is the stat count you are after, it is better to post separate scenes as their own pieces. If you want to string them together as a series or a movie, you are free to! It just wouldn't get you any extra stats.
Verfalo's avatar
Okay thank you! :D
CelineDGD's avatar
I'm wondering, what's the different between;
Hunter, flat work
Hunter, over fences
Hunting (large or small game)

BrynLison's avatar
Hunter is a style of forward seat riding commonly found in North American horse shows. Along with dressage, it is one of the two classic forms of English riding. The hunt seat is based on the tradition of fox hunting etiquette. These focus on the form of the jump

Hunter, Flat Work is the horse ideally showing many qualities that were rewarded in the fox hunting field such as manners, fluid movement, and correct jumping style

Hunter Over Fences
is the horse showing the above qualities primarily while jumping. These focus on the Time and penalties of the jump

While Hunting (Large/small game) Is just that. Hunting large or small game which the other three do not. 
CelineDGD's avatar
Ah, I see. :O I think.
Thank you. :heart:
AidenHighope's avatar
Hi there, I'm very new to the group and since I only have great ideas, my first EB work is an animation x'D
Tambora use growl ! by KusamiSurana I'm very confused with the way to count stat for animation, I'm also not sure wether this is a simple or a complex animation. ^^'
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