The 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar is drawing to a close! Make sure you get your fun on in time! 


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PurpleCornflower Featured By Owner May 11, 2021  New Deviant Student
Hey! Could you help me? I'm new here, so I have a question. I can create my own Ballators , or should I pay for it? thanks for the help
KhotsoDube Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2020   Digital Artist
I don't normally do Equus Ballator art but thought I might leave something here for your viewing pleasure. These are animated GIFs of the amazing artwork from the Wonderful Winzer, who is a great artist and also a member of this group.

Electric Dash Draft 01 by KhotsoDube   Electric Dash Draft 02 by KhotsoDube   Electric Dash by KhotsoDube
RichardsonSquared Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this where the Ailbhe Cobs went? I re-discovered my design and I am just curious since this was linked on someones reference.
StapledSeahorse Featured By Owner May 30, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh.. I'm trying to register to the EB website but it keeps saying my email is invalid. I typed in everything correctly.
I looked up why it's happening, and people said it may be because of the site. And is this happening to other people?
Skellri Featured By Owner May 30, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sorry to hear you're getting an error with registering on our forums! I'd like to have you try a couple of things!
First thing I would like you to try is clearing your cache! If this does not work, please try using a different browser or device.
Please let me know if either of these work for you! If the error persists, let me know as well!
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