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Art Questions:
  • How do you make these animated pictures?
    Almost all of the animations in my gallery have been created with DP Animation Maker. It is a program that lets you animate images by warping and distorting, to put it simply. It's a fairly inexpensive program that you can buy on Steam, or you can get a free trial of it here. It is cheaper to buy straight from the developer's website :-)  I would recommend it for anyone who wants to get started manipulating images in a simpler program (Compared to something intense like After Effects, where you basically have to take a training course)

  • What else do you  use?
    I use PhotoShop to touch up all of my gifs after they're created. Most places have size limits on gif files, and PhotoShop lets me tweak the settings so that it ends up being the file size I need. Gif files straight out of DP Animation Maker are huge! DPAM also is not able to make transparent gifs, so sometimes I make a gif with a colored background and then use PhotoShop to make that color transparent.
    I have also started to use Adobe After Effects for my most recent animations. This program is much more difficult to use and much more expensive, but lets you do really fancy things! It also lets me create  layers and layers of animation. However, even though I am using After Effects now, all my animations still start out in DP Animation Maker to give the characters movement.

  • How can I learn to use the programs you use?
    I highly recommend using an online tutorial, there are lots of them out there. My personal favorite is This is where I learned how to use Photoshop and After Effects. They have very good introductory courses for you to follow along with, and you can go through as many tutorials as you want for a flat monthly price. 
  • Do you stream your work anywhere?
    I do! Follow me at . I stream once or twice a week and always announce my bigger streams here on Deviantart. Sometimes I'll feel like doing a short, informal stream and you'll only find those ones if you're following my Picarto. Soemtimes I open up spontaneous requests on stream as well :-) 

  • Do you get permission from people when animating their paintings and such?
    I get permission for every piece I end up posting in my Deviantart. You will also always find a link to the original source and artist in my descriptions :-)
Sometimes I will work on a request in a stream, or start animating something just for fun, but I go back later and check with the artist before posting.

  •  Do you take requests?
    I love getting requests, it is a great way to discover new art! I look at all requests, but I can't make any promises that it will end up being animated. I keep myself super busy so I don't have a ton of free time to do all the requests I receive. Sometimes I'll see a request that really speaks to me and it ends up getting animated spontaneously, other times it just doesn't work out.

  • Do you take commissions?
    I do! But it's a bit disorganized right now.  Message me if you have a piece you would like animated, and I can give you a quote on how much it would cost. I am working on a proper commissions list, but since every animation is so different, it's hard to give a quote without seeing the actual source image.

  • How long does it take you to animate a painting?
    It varies a lot from image to image. I am 'capable' of animating a simple image in about half an hour, but for average animations I usually spend at least a few hours. My fanciest animations have taken 12 to 20 hours, and usually I will go through about ten different versions of the final product before I'm satisfied with how it turns out.
  • Any chance of you doing a tutorial for animating paintings?
    Unfortunately, tutorials are extremely time consuming to make and it's a very broad topic. The other issue is that I usually work on  things in pieces at a time, and making a tutorial on the whole process would be hard to manage. I don't have plans to create any tutorials, but I might start putting up time lapses of animations that I stream on Picarto! Sometimes I will also post a behind-the-scenes or WIP in my scraps folder. If you really, really want a specific thing tutorial'ed, I would consider doing it for a small commission or tip! :-)

Other questions:
  • Are you enjoying season 6 so far?
Overall, yes! I'm not too excited about the opener (it felt a little world-breaking), but I've really loved what followed!

  • Llama or Alpaca?
Llama. I think the amount of hair care required for an Alpaca would make me go crazy.
  • Best princess?
Don't do this to me D:

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That part is 'fun' to figure out! XD

When you choose speeds for the different kinds of brushes, it determines how many seconds it takes to loop.

Bend brushes at a speed of 100 will loop every 3.2 seconds. Wave brushes move twice as fast, so at a speed of 50 they will loop every 3.2 seconds. Most of the effects follow the speed rules of the bend or wave brush.

With any change in speed, use the opposite math on the seconds to find out what your loop length is. For example, a Bend speed of 150 is 1.5x faster than 100, so divide 3.2 seconds by 1.5 to find the new loop length of 2.13 seconds.

Use this time for the length of your export, and voila! Your gif will loop. Add a transition time (in seconds) to make the start and end fade smoothly into each other.
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ok. hole shiet.
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Thx for all your tips ! ;P
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No problem! Let me know if you think of any more questions! ^_^
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And how much cost an animation?
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Send me a note with a link to what you want animated, and describe what you would like to see, and I can quote you :-)
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And now we know :D
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To be continued...?
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  • Best princess?
Don't do this to me D:"
You must choose!!!
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