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Times of Strife (Animated) - Part 1

An animation of “Times of Strife” by AssasinMonkey.
Part 1 of 2.  

I can't make a gif of the entire sequence since it's too large, so check out the video version here and the second gif of the set here.

-Updated to give some animation to Nightmare Moon's expression
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I take great issue with painting. Blasphemy. Luna is no tyrant. She is the proper heir to the throne. She would've fought off both Crysallis and Sombra.
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Oh my... this is amazing +_+ It's so great that you went all-out and animated that great artwork. Luna's eyelids... the mouths... and I love how you went the extra mile and animated Luna's mouth as well even though it was closed. Wonderful.
What I love the most in this part might be Chrysalis' mane flowing like that, it's so realistic and such a great tribute to the Queen ^.^
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Looks breathtaking!
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Awesome, I think Nightmare Moon could use some mouth animation, like a slight increase/decrease of her grin in the animation.
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Ooo, good idea! I'll add that in!
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These are going in my DreamScene collection. Thanks for the fantastic work! ^.^
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Beautiful Magical Powers of Animation!
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wow this is really creepy/cool/awesome! I could literally play the Dark Knight Theme over this xD
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this looks too awesome for words! 0w0
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Love the animation around Chrissie c: Her magic, mane and flames look great! :heart: 
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That is so cool! :D
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this looks really awesome, I love it ♥
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