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Let it BURN (Animated)

Original painting by Santagiera:

Looping video version found here:
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Amazing - I needed this as soon as I saw it.

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"Celestia is no longer. I am Daybreaker!" 

That line of dialogue was what I imagined her saying when I saw this. Imagine this happening in the final season or in an alternate universe. 
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Congratz being featured on Silver's video :aww:
Johesy's avatar…

By featured, I mean the end credits.
equumamici's avatar
Wait WHAT? I must see!!
Happy Celestia day everyone!
DevinQuigleyArt's avatar
It's like the final evolution of Ponyta....0-0
YumaTheMinecrafter's avatar
*Jaw drops to the Ground* Breath-taking! That is Beautiful!
bruiser128's avatar
Absolutely breathtaking and fear creating.
Soirema-pl's avatar
Add theme music and League of Legends login screen ready XDD
Great job
lokkyta's avatar
this looks so epic
Celefin's avatar
Hot Damn. Literally.
sleepystarspider's avatar
And so the mane six became

Twilight Charcoal
Rainbow Ash
Pinky Fry
Medium Rarity
xzthehaloqueenzx's avatar
Apple Singe
Flutter Fire... QUESTION MARK???
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Seeing the original and then looking at this one is like the difference between a normal card and a gold card in Hearthstone XD
ODST4900's avatar
That is the face of annihilation.
 The face of a paper tiger who can wipe out everything in the blink of an eye...
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I want to animate like this. How long did it take you learn?  Great job :D !
equumamici's avatar
Thank you! I've been experimenting with this particular program since last November, the program isn't too complicated but there are a lot of tools that can be used in very unexpected ways that give really neat effects :D
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Very cool ^^ Would I ever be able to commission something like this? 
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