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Guardian of Dreams (Animated)

Aquagalaxy made this beautiful painting of Luna with Tantibus. I just had to animate it.

Check out he original:
(it's better quality!)
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Amazing! I am speechless to see an animation like these. Luna and Nightmare Moon.
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This is so beautiful. 
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wow nice work
I can just stare at this and get lost in it forever.
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Well first of; I absolutely love it!!
2nd; Would it be possible to get it in a lossless format? gifs aren't very color friendly in my experience.
and lastly; I absolutely love it!!!
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omg this is the best thing i've seen the last weeks
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This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.
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my mind is blown Mind blown 
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this is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Maybe it would look better if Luna's magic and shield effect moved like her body.
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holy hell, its the most glorious thing ive seen
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Holy hell. This is gorgeous.
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Wow! This is awesome! 
Makenshi179's avatar
The original is such an amazing drawing, I know right >.< I love Aquagalaxy's art a lot!
Wonderfully animated! I love the "dreamy" feel given by the distortions around Tantabus' body. Those foggy trails behind her hooves are neat too. And even the mist coming from the bottom left corner is great ^^
Lastly, I love how Luna is animated! Even if the wings aren't properly separated. Does it mean you can only trace rectangular areas and not free trace zones? Or maybe that particular case was different... I know somethimes you can get stuck and a workaround requires sacrificing something, I already got such cases in my PMVs X3
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wow! this is beautiful. 
You have awesome talent. Hug 
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Wow, that's epic! :wow:
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