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'Confrontation' by Begasuslu

Full version on Youtube.
There's sound and it's much higher quality, so check it out! :D

An animation based off of Confrontation by Begasuslu :iconbegasuslu:

I've put dozens of hours into this one. I wasn't keeping a timer, but I think it's been somewhere between 60 and 80 hours. I started this in November of last year. Thank you Begasuslu for this chance at an awesome collab! :D
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Keep up the great work man ^_^
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omg is this incredible!FAV
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dat looks epic!
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It is obvious, that loads of work was put into this piece because it looks incredible. Good job!
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Really excellent.  Love it!
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What a great work! Their evil and fear are stronger than ever,and amazing action, the fantastic light, eyes, and Luna wings trembling. I can feel your seriousness and love for the work.

Great job, you're worth it!

I have seen your works before, there are so many NMM & Luna. So I'm drawing a picture about their fallen and redemption, to express thanks to you choiced my picture as your work, I hope you will love it. PS. may be a bit long.
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Whoah, incredible work! I especially love the 3D illusion, and the effects on the magical eyes. How you animated so many things, and spent so much time carefully perfecting everything... wow. This is what I call dedication! And I love it <3 Amazingly done, this was such a big project but definitely worth it. Well done <3
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I have wondered for a while, how do you do those? (Sorry to bother if you uploaded some kind of tutorial/explanation, I didn't come across any.) Since the end animation always looks a little different than the original image, do you redraw certain parts?
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I've never really made a tutorial, I work on these in so many small bursts that it hasn't really been easy to document the process. Even with access to a layered .psd file, I usually have to re-draw certain aspects and merge lighting layers together. Most paintings aren't created with the intention to have them organized for animating.  I have to make a lot of edits to make the pieces work in an animation and that usually changes the look of the piece somewhat. Converting the final product to a gif like above also changes the tone of the image.
With this piece, there were many many different layers of lighting that were drawn with different transparencies and filter masks. I could edit the character underneath, but when they'd move the lighting wouldn't. You can imagine that gets messy really quickly. I did a combination of merging and creating my own lighting from scratch.
This other piece is an example of something specifically organized to be animated while it was being painted and you can see it bears a much closer resemblance to the original. 
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I see. Thank you very much for the detailed answer! ^^
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Amazing work! Well done
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Thanks Rawrexe! ^_^
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