You and I

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By equivoque
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We must have been
Like two black specks
On the many white horizons we traveled
Myself in black compression gear
From head to toe
Like a svelte cat woman in tech fabric
And you in your baggier clothes
With your pointy shoulders insisting
From under the many layers
That you were still skinny underneath it all
We wore our matching black liners
And Brooks mittens
Yours a size larger so we
Wouldn't mix them up
We would bounce through the snow
Happier than any 10 year olds
There was not a trail we wouldn't claim
Not a destination to which we wouldn't pave
With our road to joy
During the magic of those two winters
We believed in infinity
In snowy landscapes with their endless endeavors
To be had
We chose to venture into storms on frozen lakes
To make friends with the sounds of snow crunch underfoot
We watched the ice houses populate the landscape
In snow and in sunshine
And we ate doughnuts when we sought shelter from cold
Those were the winters of my content
My magical mystery tours in which I kissed
The man made of ice but not you
In which I posed for you like a playboy bunny in my jog bra
Next to the ugly bronze bunny to which we would always run
In which the blue sky turned yet bluer
For my big pink sunglasses
And you wore them for me
Like Elton John
You were my beautiful playmate
Who filled my heart with the expanse of
Winter's song
But now I am left here
Of the new snow we never crossed
It is white
And gone.
© 2013 - 2020 equivoque
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b e a u t i f u l . w o r d s
g l a d . t o . s e e . y o u . b a c k
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SilverMixxHobbyist General Artist
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thanks, both.  my heart was already broken.  hence the poem.  ;-)
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mothflyHobbyist Photographer
it broke my heart due to so many reasons...
very well written :huggle:
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myrnajacobsProfessional Photographer