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If you have a request for a new folder or want a particular widget to be added, or any other suggestion feel free to ask away.
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Folder Guide

-------------------------------------------Horse Stock
Appaloosa - Leopard, Blanket, Snowflake

Bay/Brown - Any kind of bay (light or dark) is put here including seal brown horses.

Black - Any solid black horse goes here.

Champagne - Gold, Amber, Sable, or Classic

Chestnut - This also includes flaxen or liver

Creme Dilutes - Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, Perlino

Duns - Red, Bay,or Grulla/Grullo

Grey - Steel grey, Dapple (which includes silver dapple) Rose, Light, Fleabitten, Bloodmark, and white

Other - Rabicano, Brindle, Lacing

Pinto - Tobiano, Overo, Splash, Sabino, basically any multicolored horse that's not an appaloosa, rabicano, brindle, or lacing

Roans - Red, Bay, or Blue

Silver Dapples - silver dapple bay or black

Herds - A group of horses regardless of color

--------------------------------------------other stock
Background - Doesn't matter where so long as it can be used as stock.

Tack/People/Clothing - self explanatory, although if you're going to have people stock it's preferred that they are in a horse environment
Photography - any tutorial is fine
Digital - for any program and for manipulations
Horses - gait sequences, anatomy, a particular body part reference
People - same as the horse folder



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