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.:deer hunting:.


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Opt-In and Test New Notifications

The future of notifications on DeviantArt has arrived! Here’s why you should be excited: User-friendly interface makes it easy to organize and manage all your notifications Notifications are now intuitively grouped together See and reply to comment threads directly from your Notification Center Group notifications and individual notifications are separated so you can easily sort through one or the other with no confusion Promotes engagement within the community Note: Notifications is currently in the quality assurance phase. If you opt-in to early testing, keep in mind that you might run into bugs as we continue to develop it. We are excited to launch this to the rest of the community soon, but first we would love your feedback and suggestions. Early Access to the New Notification Center You have the option to opt-in to gain early access to the new Notification Center and test out the new feature, however, opt-in is permanent. Once you switch to the new Notification Center, you


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.:deer hunting:.

Equine Art

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Serenity Lake Related

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Miss Mary


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Lebowski (C)

Domestic Animals

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Commission: Parasaurolophus

Wild Animals

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Spirits in Ink


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Lion King


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My midnight friend comes back again

Other Digital Art

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I trust you will remember this as the day.


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It All Ends - Harry Potter

Harry Potter Art

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Top Gear In Vietnam Icon Set

Top Gear Art

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UT Spurs For Olena


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One Longneck Family


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Bradley James - Prince Arthur

Merlin Art

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A Purple Street without a Blue Caterpillar

Other Traditional Art

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dA Blackout avatar


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Ways out of art-blocks


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Brick - Seamless


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l | l Ref | Tommy l | l

Made with my stock

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Stupid Geranium

Hogwarts Academy

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Winter Festival

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Happy Birthday EquineRibbon !!

For Me

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MTF - October 2019 + Spooky

Hello and welcome in October journal of Monthly Theme Feature! Last theme was Contrast and here are suggestions from our members~ Thank you for your suggestions! ~LateStarter63 (https://www.deviantart.com/latestarter63):iconvanndra::iconlualady::iconlazy-brush::iconjazminian9::iconjoarosa::icondragondoodle::iconErdbeersternchen::iconMidnightTiger8140::iconmalintra-shadowmoon: The theme for October is Spooky Each person is allowed to suggest a total of 5 artworks + as many journal features as they can find The artworks and features can be from you or another deviant suggest ONE artwork per artist - this applies to both self-suggestions and suggesting another deviant's

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Les Vendanges Event 2021 - Mini - CLOSED

Les Vendanges Event 2021 - Mini :new: CLOSED !:new: @MSLpointFR presents The second edition of Les Vendanges, but MINI! Meaning this event will have less classes than last year and they will be judged with RNG! In South-West France, where MSL is located, the months between July to October, harvest is done in the grape vine fields. MSL gathered the surrounding farms and wineries once again to offer a fun challenge for your horse & rider teams! However, this year the harvest of the grapes has been very poor because of an unusually wet summer. This impact will be reflected in the weather and autumnal surroundings. There will be two classes and one side activity for fun! This event spans over one day in September story-wise. MSL doesn’t endorse alcohol abuse and any wine tasting will be conducted under the watchful eye of our staff. For the non-alcoholic options, there will be a selection of local juices, syrups and cheeses. RESULTS journal Rules - Horse age: 4 years min. -


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