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Group info and Submissions

This is a stock group for equine stock photos. The stock photos are sorted by breed, to make it easier for those looking for a specific breed when they are looking for a stock photo.
Submissions from members must be approved first by voting, while contributor’s submissions are automatically approved.

Guidelines for submitting stock
• Only stock photos are accepted. If the information below the photo doesn’t state that you may use the photo for stock, or it isn’t placed in the resource category, we won’t accept it.
• Submit quality stock photos. The photos will not be accepted if they are low resolution, blurry, very small or in other ways will be difficult for an artist (digital or traditional) to use. Think twice before submitting. We reserve the right to decline or remove a photo that does not meet the standards. The horses submitted to each category should be purebreds - crossbreds and mixes should be added to the crossbred category if nothing else fits.
• To make it easier for viewers to see all photos and not flood their inboxes, please don’t submit your whole gallery at once. No more that 10 submissions at once.
• If your photo is declined, don’t be discouraged. You may try to submit another photo if you wish - and if you have any questions about why something wasn’t accepted, don’t hesitate to ask us why.
• If there is a particular breed that we don’t have a folder for and you would like to add photos to, please contact us and we will create a folder for it.

If you have any questions, please ask!


Horse Stock 51 by Blissfully-Blind Horse Stock 51 :iconblissfully-blind:Blissfully-Blind 2,486 552 Quarter Horse 6 by EquineStockImagery Quarter Horse 6 :iconequinestockimagery:EquineStockImagery 266 170
I’m happy to see that the group is growing, and that new members and contributors are constantly included. My hope in creating it was that it would be a group that made it easier for people looking for stock of high quality and specific breeds to find something useful. It seems as if it’s going in the right direction I’m trying to invite members and contributors, but don’t hesitate to join even if you haven’t got an invitation.

I’d of course still live to hear what you all think would be possible to improve, and if there should be any changes of anything or added folders. Anything to make it easier to use and browse!

Since DA is full of stock photos of good quality, but many users have been offline for years, I also did a folder section in the favourites where one can collect photos that would be great to add to the group, but where the photographer haven’t been online for a while or haven’t accepted the request. So if you are looking for a stock photo of a specific breed, feel free to have a look in the faves as well

I’m still trying to get the settings right, but since I haven’t been able to set the settings to a maximum daily upload to 10 deviations, it’s still possible to submit more per day. Being a complete idiot when it comes to computers certainly has it’s disadvantages.

Oh, and just to make this clear again: Only put purebred horses into the folders. It’s supposed to be a group where it’s easy to find examples of what purebreds may look like, but putting crossbreds into the folders will sort of make that more difficult:P
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heroicequine Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey and thanks for the amazing stock group! One downside is that I couldn't find an album for riding ponies - there are plenty of them in the world and I think they deserve an album of their own :) If there's already one I didn't notice, then I'll apologize for the feedback :'D
Newfie-Stock Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2018
For the record for your standardbred folder not every standardbred is a trotter, some are pacers as well, totally different (: 
Colourize-Stock Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018
Absolutly correct.
In most European countries there are only races for the trotters. In quite a few of them the native word for the breed cound be translated into "trotters", while the word standardbred is among many people less known as the correct name for the breed in English. I've had a few people asking where to add thier "trotter stock", which is why I added the "trotters" after Standardbred. Pacers are most commonly used in countries where English is the first language, so people there generally don't have a problem with the whole translation issue:P

I could of course add "pacers" as well, if needed.
Dawn-Photography5 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Can I submit my stock of Darcy to the Arabian folder because he is Arabian X Riding Pony and still looks exactly like an Arabian? Thanks.
Colourize-Stock Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
I think we should stick to trying to keep the folder for breeds with closed studbooks strictly for purebreds. The crossbred-bolder if open to any type of crossbred horse/pony though:)
Dawn-Photography5 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Ok. I just thought I'd check. Thanks. I'll start submitting soon! ^-^
aka-horse-stock Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Trakehner? :meow:
Colourize-Stock Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
Most warmblood horses are lumped in the "Warmblood" folder. The reason is that a lot of warmblood got studbooks that allows a lot of crossbreeding, so most warmbloods are just a big mix of everything. A few got closed books (like the Trakhener), but since most warmbloods are very similar in type I still went for one folder for all instead of like 25 different ones:P
aka-horse-stock Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That is a good point :XD: 
I scrolled through the folders again after commenting and found the Warmbloods folder.
Put in some photos of Carmen :dummy:
CelticWarBoy Featured By Owner May 11, 2016
Im pretty proud my photos started the new folder for breton draft horse ! :D soon, i've much better photos of breton draft during show, i'd be glad to share them !
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