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:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: a very fond hello!
We allow anything equine-related that requires participants or customers. We do not allow NSFW content. This is not a group to showcase your art. Completed commissions, personal pieces, and other art that is not up for sale or otherwise needing interaction cannot be submitted.

- f o l d e r s -
:bulletyellow: Open Your Horse Here Art - an unfinished image where the subject is customized to the buyer.

:bulletyellow: Open Adoptables - designs or existing characters being sold for any type of payment, including OTA and DTA.

:bulletyellow: Purchasable Bases and Resources - brushes, stock, greyscale/lineart bases, or other resources that you must pay to use.

:bulletyellow: Ongoing Events - art contests, giveaways, kiribans, raffles, and all other events, including those free to enter.

:bulletyellow: Commission Information - information regarding commissions you sell; you must allow equine subjects.

:bulletyellow: HARPG Sales and Slots - selling HARPG horses, genos, or breeding slots.

:bulletyellow: Looking For - anything you are looking for related to horses.
** This gives users permission to contact you about your search with their relevant services unless otherwise stated.

:bulletyellow: Free to Use or Adopt - free adoptables, free greyscale/lineart bases, tutorials or walkthroughs, free brushes or stock, and all other resources that do not require any form of payment.

Please add "open" to submission titles where applicable and update when the item sells. It makes things much easier for admins when cleaning the folders.

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Open Your Horse Here Art
White Flowers YHH [CLOSED] by Charlie--X
Jungle Waterfall YHH [CLOSED] by Charlie--X
|YHH-open| auction -Cute little foal by Amber18db
YCH (CLOSED) by gypsyvanner1
Open Adoptables
Veloxequine Import 57 *OPEN* by happy-horse-for-life
SPRING TIME {4/4 OPEN} by mydajk
Horse Adopts (open) by Sideria
Paypal Horse Adopt - [3/4] by JayFireBird
Purchasable Bases and Resources
PTU Foal lineart 2 by CrystalbayStabless
Reference base#4 by AriesRedLo
BASE P2U: Victor (2021) by ABIETES
Foal Lineart PTU by CrystalbayStabless
Ongoing Events
Equine Manip Raffle (closed)Iím offering two (or more!) free manips as a prizeóthought it would be a nice way to engage with the equine art community <3 Especially now that Iíve passed 100 watchers! Raffle ends May 1st. Anyone may participate!,Prizes1st place1 large manipulation with max 1 equine character (see recent examples to the right)2nd place,1 halfbody manipulation (half the size of the example) with max 1 equine character3rd place (if there are 90+ tickets earned overall)1 halfbody manipulation (half the size of the example) with max 1 equine characterWhat's allowed for OCsCharacters can have any mutations, and complex/crazy designs + clothes/jewelry are allowed & encouraged (older mutation examples: multiple horns , fish fin + monster mouth , quartz growths )However, OCs must have a detailed reference, please. Also, pieces will take me at least 3 months to complete!How it worksStarting now: You receive tickets for participating (to clarify, more tickets = higher chance of winning)After May 1: I assign everyone the amount of tickets they earned with randomly generated numbers (ex: if you earn 3 tickets and there are 30 tickets across all participants, you might be assigned tickets #4, #15, #29)About a week later: A random number generator picks the winners (like drawing tickets out of a hat!). Winners will be announced in a later journal and will be contactedEarning tickets4 tickets: share this raffle in your journal (only once) bonus 2 tickets for featuring it on your profile (must remain up until the raffle ends to redeem tickets)2 tickets: tag friends (in the comments) who might be interested in free equine manips! (up to 3 friends for 6 tickets max)2 tickets: featuring any piece from my featured gallery in a journal (only once; also this can be in the same journal as sharing this raffle)1 ticket: watching me (new watchers count too!)1 ticket: favoriting this journalSo thatís a max of 16 tickets per participant!How to enterComment on this journal! You can edit your comment to claim more tickets, as I will be confirming tickets after the raffle closes. Include:links to journals sharing my raffle (mention if itís on your profile) or art, as prooftagging friendsconfirm if youíve watched and/or favoritedNote: I will only count tickets for activities youíve told me about in the commentsSend me a note if you have any questions. Please do spread word of this raffle if you can (and then claim the tickets of course!) I would really appreciate it <3 Good luck!
HUGE RAFFLE! Equine Art Discord - new prizes addedHello friends! Some of you might know that we have recently started an Equine Art Discord server.It might still be a work in progress, but our founding idea is focusing on feedback and improvement and creating a safe place for all artists. while we are still gathering speed, I'd say it's the best moment to gather some critique and celebrate! That's right! It's time to party!I welcome you all to our GRAND OPENING RAFFLE. How to get a ticket? In the raffle channel on discord list 3 ways you would like the server to grow, or what would like to see happen in our dA group once it launches. What's your ideal way of receiving critique and feedback? What kind of events are you looking for? What kind of content would you like to see? Tutorials? In-deepth analysis of a work? Workshops? Want more chances for some sweet, sweet rewards? Invite your friends! - share info about our server and this raffle on dA! Donate a prize! - everyone who donates a prize will receive an awesome art feature on our dA group! PRIZES 1 x Full manip from @ibbeltje-com 1 x Portrait manip from @Mocarro 1 x Portrait manip from @Mocarro 1 x Portrait manip from @ephemira 1 x Portrait from @TheChotta 1 x Portrait from @TheChotta 1 x Portrait from @Atramis 1 x Portrait from @Atramis 1 x Chibi from @Merleee 1 x Chibi from @Merleee1 x Chibi from @Merleee1 x Pixel from @Mocarro 1 x Dreamie pagedoll from @Lullivy 1 x Toyhouse code from @Rhiaan 1 x Fullbody 100x100 pixel by @Camyza 1 x Fullbody manip from @Khalysa Join our server now!
Commission Information
Custom Equine or Horse Design - COMMISSIONS OPEN by Ulfeid3
Commissions: OPENMay Slots: @H07130N - Chibi - COMPLETED2.3.4.5.-------------------------RulesBy commissioning me you agree to these rulesPayment is required up front unless you are a trusted repeat customerMonetary payments are only available via Paypal invoiceTips are not necessary but appreciatedI will not draw political/NSFW/excessive violence/goreI have the right to decline any commissionAll commissions are intended for personal use only unless otherwise discussedI retain all rights to the artwork I make for you, including reposting the work if I see fitYou may ask for a WIP at any timeA full refund is available up until the finished sketch, if you change your mind past that only a partial refund can be arrangedNo refunds are available after completionYou may ask for minor changes once artwork is completeYou may reupload your commissioned artwork for refs etc as long as I am fully credited for the workFailure to follow these rules will result in you being blacklisted-------------------------Commission Types~ Fullbody flat chibi ~400 / £4 / $5,-------------~ Coloured Sketches ~Headshot: 800 / £8 / $10Fullbody: 1200 / £11 / $15,--------------~ Flat Images ~Headshot: 1200 / £11 / $15Fullbody: £19 / $25 ,--------------~ Simply Shaded ~ Can be in one of two styles: cell shading or soft shading Headshot: £15 / $20Fullbody: £23 / $30,--------------~ Full Detailed Painting ~Headshot: £30 / $40Fullbody: £45 / $60,-----------ExtrasAll commissions automatically come with a simple background, this can be transparent or single colour with simple shapes allowed.Simple background + 1200 / + £11 / + $15 *slightly experimental, awaiting clearer examples* Can be one of three types, on top of a floral/abstract arrangement(other items are fine), an island/snapshot, or a image with minimal elements ,Complex background + £30 / + $40,Additional Rider +25%Added Extra Character + 50%Wings/horns/apparel etc is usually free but if it is quite complex there may be an extra charge, ask first --------------------------------FormCommission Type:Payment Method:Character reference(s):Background Type: (If not adding background pick either simple coloured or transparent)Extra information: (This can be colour schemes, poses, what scenery you want etc)
[CLOSED] Commissions by AmeAmeridian
HARPG Sales and Slots
WBS Breedings 50% off [CLOSED]WBS is offering discounts on select breeding stock for a limited time! Please take a look, and let us know if you are interested in acquiring a breeding slot to anyone. Please note that the listed price is in addition to a breeding pic (I will accept a head shot min. as an additional discount). Please READ and SIGN my breeding rules HERE before purchasing the breeding slot(s)- thank you! After you've read and signed my breeding rules, comment on this journal with which slot(s) you'd like to purchase! Please be sure to let me know if you're purchasing with points or USD. Once you've purchased the slot, you may send in the breeding note at any time to use the slot. You may not sell your slot or give it away to someone else. However, you are welcome to purchase a slot for your friend! Simply mention at the time of purchase who the slot is for! Deadline: 2/28/21 , WBS Blackbeard's Ghostly Sails - Thoroughbred (BTs - Blackbeard Got Some Ink x WBS Ghost Hour) Price: $10 USD or 1,000 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS The Antichrist - Thoroughbred (WBS Global White Out x Princesa RŠpida)Price: $10 USD or 1,000 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Ghostly Fellow - Thoroughbred (TLEC Quiet Fellow x WBS Ghost Hour)Price: $5 USD or 500 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Don't Play Koi With Me - Thoroughbred (Starter x Starter)Price: $2.50 USD or 250 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, FEC Champion In The Enzone - AQH/APH (FEC Champion On The Run x Hollowbrooke's Enzonian Queen)Price: $1.50 USD or 150 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, BMS Doubt Me Then Try Me - Georgian Grande (BMS Iridescent Revenge x BMS Nefertari)Price: $1.25 USD or 125 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS If I Was A Rich Man - Thoroughbred (Starter x Starter)Price: $1 USD or 100 - 50% off regular price! Additional Price: +25 if you want the foal to have the nIh geneSlots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Voshkie - Thoroughbred (Starter x Starter)Price: $1 USD or 100 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, Malibu Shoe - Thoroughbred (Malibu Moon* x Horsehoe Hill*)Price: $1 USD or 100 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, AzA A Little Acrylic - APH (Starter x Starter)Price: $1 USD or 100 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 2/2OPENOPEN, WBS Hucks Serenade - Arabian (WBS Hucks Tux ++++//** x VS Lady Serenade)Price: $1 USD or 100 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, FEC Dancing Queen - AQH/APH (FEC Champion On The Run x Hollowbrooke's Enzonian Queen) †Full Blood sibling to†FEC Champion In The Enzone†and†King of the EnzonePrice: $1 USD or 100 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Cirnelle Arnatuile - Georgian Grande (WBS Poppin That Bubbly x WBS Danes Pretty Trashed)Price: $0.75 USD or 75 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 2/2OPENOPEN, BTs A Dash of Rouge - Thoroughbred (Starter x Starter)Price: $0.50 USD or 50 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Silver Charmer - Thoroughbred (Starter x Starter)Price: $0.50 USD or 50 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, MH My Lighties - Hanoverian (Starter x Starter)Price: $0.50 USD or 50 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Mister Down Town Luck - American Appendix Horse (WBS Down Town Swinger x WBS Lady Luck)Price: $0.50 USD or 50 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Tobias - Georgian Grande (Starter x Starter) Price: $0.50 USD or 50 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN, WBS Eyes On Fire - Gypsy Vanner (Starter x Starter)Price: $0.50 USD or 50 - 50% off regular price!Slots Available: 1/1OPEN
January Sales (YHHs/OCs/Genos/Comm Discounts)I'm having a big ol' new years clearout sale, there are a lot of different things from wildly different groups so have a look at the contents below for ease of viewing. Please note, I am open to haggling and prefer trades over USD!ContentsFaime | Nordanner | Prehistoria | Misc HARPG | Other OCs | YHHs | Comm Discount---Faime,1008 Free Flying EirI think it's time I finally let go of one of these guys, he was a gift from a friend but I want to see him in a home that will give him more love and attentionAs you can see, he has a lot of art and his father is Champion but he doesn't yet have a points journal. I'd be happy to get him counted and verified before selling.He has all of his slots except an unused parent slot.OPEN TO OFFERS - USD/GBP/Character Trade/Art(Unlikely but possible),*possible design above*ID: 1905Ee Aa nCr TT nDnBuckskin Tobiano Extreme DunHeight: 16hhKing's Import 096 x 964 Brookside's HopeGotten from the breeding event, only looking to swap for a different geno---NordannerThese two are also both dear to me, but they just aren't as active as I wish they were and deserve more attention.,A1436 Chilam CatoriNon-dom Snowdripple ZebraLong lines, all slots unusedConfirmed BT Level 3 - Kaaring JournalI got this girl from one of Em's infamous christmas raffles way back when, she was my first mutie and I think second Nord total. I'm only selling her for the art she has gained.OPEN TO OFFERS - USD/GBP/Character Trade/Art(Unlikely but possible, quality over quantity),7972 CelarionNon-dom MoulinFairly long lines, all slots open except for an unused parent slotConfrimed BT Level 3 - Kaaring JournalLove this boy but he just doesn't quite click with me, bought for I believe 35 Kaaring, would like to get the equivalent of that back plus a little extra.OPEN TO OFFERS - USD/GBP/Character Trade/Art(Unlikely but possible, quality over quantity)Tagging @Sashafras in case you'd like him back---Prehistoria,*possible design above*Galaxy 652 x Erin 6643) Saber , Male ss/ee/Ff/nn/oo/Si/Un Fawn with Siamese and Unders Mane: Standard Tail: StandardWould happily include him in the Erin clan lore, eg collab/rps with his family membersNot looking for a lot for him as he's been sitting for a while£4 / $5 / 10HP / 1 Roll / May trade for Saber/Meg genos/slots---Misc HARPG,When Doves Cry - Rosenthal colt (Dead breed)£5 / $7 / Art / Character Trade,Too Close To Love You - Rosenthal filly (Dead breed)£5 / $7 / Art / Character Trade,Earthy Remains - Lakita stallion (Dead breed)£5 / $7 / Art / Character Trade,Elm's Playboys And Heartbreak - American Saddlebred stallion25 pts / Design Trade,Blood On The Ice - Rosenthal mare (Dead breed)20 pts / Design Trade,Designs 6 and 8 - Both Free---Other OCsI've got this little cat design that I'm going to be redesigning, I'm keeping the personality etc only the design is being sold20 pts / Design Trade,---YHHsRedrew these unsold yhhs, they're up for £10 / $14,---Comm DiscountSooo I'm offering a sneaky 10% discount on February comms only if you drop the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY in your order form >.> (My birthday is the 10th)Limited to 5 slots so grab them quick!
AUC OPEN | Sangre Blanca 006 by Mr-BigDaddy
Free to Use or Adopt
[F2U] AQH Freeline by MsBeesa
[Free] Horse Base - 40 layers by stellar-muse
FREELINE Horse [F2U] by Rin-ki
Kathiawari lineart pack |P2U by HorRaw-X
Looking For
HARPG: Looking for Breeding StudsAfter a pretty long kind of break from Harpg I'm trying to get a big muse boost by getting a droable babies.I have three ladies I hope to find a handsome boy for.What I can offer?Sadly not much. I have 100 points and can do smaller art payment. Since I'm trying to get my muse back a massive art payment that forces me to draw endlessly will be counterproductive.I can do breeding trades (slot to your stallion for one to one of my horses)I'm open to 'twin' breeding (each of us getting one foal from the same pair) payment.Parent slot to the foal will always be given unless you don't want it.The ladies in question are,Anglo-TrakehnerHer sire is CT Gives You Hell Her Dam is my own mare StEE Silent Bell I'm looking for a Trakehner stallion for her who's unrelated to her sire. Must be a 100% Trakehner by breed standard (Trakehner dam x Trakehner sire or Anglo/Arabo-Trakehner Dam x Trakehner sire or Trakehner Dam x Anglo/Arabo-Trakhner sire) Must be of a european studbook approved base color (black, bay, chestnut or grey on those bases) and may not carry dilutions or pattern.,Trakehner Starter Looking for a Trakehner, Anglo/Arabo-Trakehner, TB, Anglo-Arab or Arabian StallionShould be of breed approved colors (chestnut, bay, black and grey on one of those bases), he may be a single dilute of cream if Arabian or TB and can carry or have flaxen. Maybe be Tobiano (only tobiano no other pattern)Having a bit of lineage would be great but it isn't a must. If he does it would be great if the linage doesn't include E D S Kaladerion, E D S ERLK÷NIG or OVEC Dulin Wen in the case of a Trakehner stallion.,KWPNLooking for a European Warmblood stallion Can be any breed as long as it exists in RL. Regional,endangered, rare or niche breeds are very welcome too as long as they qualify as warmbloods. I'm more than happy if she can provide some blood to such a breed and won't mind register the foal as of the sire's breed. As for Harpg horses she's related to Rhitme the Colour† and her Sire's sire is the RL horse Gribaldi (Totilas sire) a stallion not having them in it's lines would be great.Regarding colors I'm not picky on her (except pattern, I'm just not a big fan of them). As long as the color is at least realistic and accepted for the sire's breed I'm good. The foalsColor and sex of the foals will be rolled randomly for each of them. As I like suprises. : )Sire's owner always gets a slot to the foal to be used as they please. If you have one or several boys you think might fit and like to offer, feel free to drop them here. Have a nice day guys. : )


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Many thanks and deepest gratitude to our amazing staff, who keep this place running! We are honored by their dedication and continued support so that we can help foster a strong and active equine marketplace.




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