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Running in the hallways

just imagine there is a background filled with students making a mad dash between classes.
btw, Ava is not stealing that candy, she's passing it out. AND LOOK ITS HER ROOMIE AGAIN YAAAAAY being a good buddy and dragging Ava's truant hide to class.

Happy Valentines day to THE ENTIRE PLANET :iconilavplz:

GD © ~Dice1317
RR © =ShikuroxKanno
Nina © ~blueeyes11218
Ava © Me OvO
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Razor Radar has pretty long hair :iconimprettyplz: :D
EquilibriumArts's avatar
I can't help it. After this [link] his hair will always be long and beautious~ :heart:
BlueEyedFaye's avatar
I'm just going to stare at this for hours and smile.

Whenever you do a picture, I always find something I especially like about it. With this one, it's the colours and shading. They're just so well done! Although as usual I still love everything else.

And nothing makes me happier than Nina getting some attention. I can just picture her saying "We need to get to class, you knife-wielding maniac!" Even though Ava's knife isn't visible here. It's probably just how Nina has titled her. And she'll probably add more adjectives and such to that phrase as time goes on.
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i like it. If I make it to the next round, that's going in there.
BlueEyedFaye's avatar
XD Can't wait to see that!
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Haha, I love this. The boys are like "what is this strange thing?"
And I love GD's shirt ^^
Valentine's with a hint of darkness
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This is so cute, I love the motion in the picture! You drew everyone so well too, it's great to see how they look in 'school' environments :XD: You did such a great job with the representation, and I love that I could see Ava giving them candy NOT out of love, but just so they will be bewildered and have a small gnawing sensation of guilt in their tummies for not giving her anything :evillaugh:

I mean...nah...she did it out of love :ninja:
EquilibriumArts's avatar
Or because she assumes everybody she gets into a life or deathy situation with is her friend forever e-O
atemuzuko's avatar
lol I love it :XD: Can't argue with that logic ;)
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
This is wonderful; I love the composition. Nina and Ava both look super cute too. I love how you colored this, especially their hair.
EquilibriumArts's avatar
behold the magic of Prismacolor markers .__.
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
See, that pretty much is magic to me, because I don't understand how people can color things so nicely with markers. That is a talent I do not possess. :XD:
EquilibriumArts's avatar
I use markers because I cannot comprehend the complexities of a computer e-O
Water-Earth-Fire-Air's avatar
Yeah, it does take a while to figure out.
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the expressions as usual are so perfect
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Lol, it's like my grandpappy used to say. "because a night of fighting evil robots brings any unlikely group of people closer together."
EquilibriumArts's avatar
Oh grandpappy, your words are so true.
Randomguy342's avatar
You should hear his advice on penguins that dance the tango...
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A rushing Valentines, no way the boys can deny it :XD:
Their minds can't process it that fast.

How was your Valentine's Day?
EquilibriumArts's avatar
pssh yeah, 'cuz Ava is a valentines ninja.

oh wunderbar, my friends and I swapped chocolates and cake and then we had a racquetball death match.
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
In a pink outfit!
I like the cross bones heart on GD btw.

Who won the death match?

Around three of my friends had many sweets since it was their birthday, so that's where the candy came from.
EquilibriumArts's avatar
My friend, who actually knows how to play with all the rules and whatnot. Me, I do my best not to get smacked with the ball. She also baked a cake OuO
ShikuroxKanno's avatar
How do you play it? Like golf?
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