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EVO tournament part 1A


wow, This was the first time I really used my wacom to its potential. pfffft.

This is my entry for the :iconevo-obsessed-club: and :iconthebrotherhoodclub:'s OC Tournament

For part two I get to do a comic. lolwhut. This is gonna be AWESOME :iconawesomefaceplz:

Did this in PAINT!

Template here:
Contest info:
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Her hair is so awesome! And her powers real neat. :] Good luck!
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lol, for real? It's just kinda long and messy lookin' I think :P
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Its just so pretty~! >w<
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LOL! Your female character is taller then my guy character! (And my guy-Ian-isn't going to grow anymore eventhough he is only 15.) [link]

Pretty good job on your comic. She reminds me of Rogue, but just because she is southern. If she were really in the show, it'd give someone for Rogue and Sam to hang out with since they all share that in common. :D

Man, looking at your profile wishes I had made mine better somehow. Looks random compared to yours. (I was just copying stuff from Ians profile thingy I made for him ages ago.)

Great job and I wish you all the best in the contest!!
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Thanks! Good luck to you, as well.
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loved the comic! great character this contest is gonna be awesome

*runs off to go finish her oc comic*
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*can't wait to see*
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That is pretty damn snazzy!
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This was pretty darn good! My lord it was really good O_O I want to finish mine on time but my only tool is a pencil and pen....heh. Library scanner here I come?

And is there a way to color the picture you scan online even if it is drawn in pen & pencil? And if there is...can someone do it for me? *quirky smile* only the profile picture of course
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I totally understand. I did this using pen and colored pencil P:

And the UPS store scanner ... lolwhut.

There are some good editing programs available for free online, you just gotta find 'em. You can also download the 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop from the adobe website. 'course, if you convert the scanned image to black and white in preview (or whatever the pc version of preview is), you can use MS Paint to colour (that's what I usually do :P)

Or, there're always people scampering around DA lookin' for stuff to colour.
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I love you O_O All of the advice is helpful and I'm definitely gonna use it!!!
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Glad I could help ^^
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This is pretty cool! Here's hoping I finish my story in time...
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I have faith that you will! Ganbatte! :icondeterminedplz:
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:giggle: Good luck in the tournament.
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aw thanks, you too!
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Awesomeness! I'm looking forward to the comic :la:

Just as a little side note, it's the EOC and #TheBrotherhoodclub's contest, both ^_^
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oh, whoops, thankyou!
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Dude, this is awesome pants! o_o Seriously, this is epics!! :iconrlyplz:
Also, do you use that knife to shank Cyclops in his whore-face? :iconinnocenceplz:
EquilibriumArts's avatar
hells yayeah!

Dude, you should totes enter the tournament with CopyCat. :D
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