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I'm going to save this for my new account.
Soooo.... my posting here has been sporadic and non-existent at best.  The past year has just not been in my favor.  I have been staying with my dad because my old place was falling apart, couldn't run air conditioning without it overheating the circuit breaker and . . . I just couldn't do it anymore.  I have since then been looking for better places to live so I could maintain my independence and alongside that looking for better places to live.  Nothing has panned out.  Last night I spoke with a lady who has been patiently working with me on upping my credit and seeing what I can be approved for and quite frankly I need to be making TWICE what I am making to even be able to afford a small home.  With my current skill level that is just impossible.

She did, however, mention her 49 year old sister - and I am not that far behind which is RRREEEAALLY depressing!  But! Anyway!

Her sister had recently gone back to school for a year and lived with her parents so she could do that.  I don't know if she was married or divorced or what as that was not important, but she succeeded in getting a degree of sorts to go in to some medical career.  She attended a vocational school and it was recommended I try to do the same thing.  This is something I have considered doing for a LOOONG time but I just didn't think it was possible, espcially not with working a full time job.  However, if I went down to PART time and was able to find a slightly better paying job in the mean time . . . it might be possible.

I completed a profile on USAJobs this morning but . . . I have NO clue what kind of job to look for.  My dad suggested Hill Air Force Base - yes, I am in Utah for anyone who is also there - but, again, WHAT do I look for?  I have had some production experience but it is very slight.  Mostly stuff done by hand.  No big machine work.  I am NOT a mathemetician so . . . I am skipping the Post Office.  Honestly, the fact they make you take a CALUCLUS test is . . . degrading.  I am not a genius by any account.  ESpecially math!  Automatic fail!

What I would like to know from anyone who has had similar experiences . . . what is the best vocational school to attend?  How do I ENSURE I receive a Grant and DON'T get screwed around?

I looked at Broadview...but it is mostly just graphic design; you know, logo design, billboards.  I am NOT doing that.  That is not my talent and I will NOT go in to that.  I am looking more for . . . maybe character design.  I can do that . . . mostly okay?  

I am also considering going head first into the Art Institute. They are RIDICULOUSLY expensive and I am not even sure a Grant would cover an entire vocational career there.  I would have to try for a scholarship . . . and I am no where NEAR talented enough for that.  I'm just not and it is hurtfully discouraging.  

To consider an education with a direct link to a good paying career I would not only enjoy but would be fulfilling . . . the question I have for those out there who have done this is; what is marketable right now?  What are some of the highest paying fields?  Is character design or even story boarding one of those fields?  I could be wrong but those would be my strong point.  Illustration specifically.

I really appreciate those who stop by and leave a comment or a like on what I do have in my gallery.  It is stagnant at the moment but . . . I do plan on updating again soon.  I have been re-doing some old sketches from . . . I think two years ago when I started sketching some sketch book designs.  I am doing some more and hope to have some completed so I can get those copied and start coloring them.  In THAT regard, anyone who has done that before . . . who do you recommend?  And should I make multiple copies and color them individually?  What kind of paper should I use?  I will be coloring them traditionally.  Is that a good thing to do if they will be used as, well, book marks?  Should I laminate them?  Or would that ruin the marker or pencil I intend to use?

I am also going to re-do some more "artist" cards.  They will MLP specific, but I am considering doing a few Art Cards for Transformers, Gargoyles and a few others.  Which characters or even genres would  you like to see?  

I also want to begin doing some small to medium prints, hopefully for next years Salt Lake Comic Convention.  IS there anything in my gallery you would like to see there as a print?  Or maybe something new?

Anyway, sorry for the long post.  I would REALLY appreciate any suggestions.  And if you aren't sure but think you might know of someone else who would, could you please send them my way?  I could really use the insight of experienced individuals.  I can't keep going back and forth anymore.  I need to just DO IT, but I want to do it right.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!  See you around!


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Merry (almost) Christmas to you!!  Jesus loves you!  I hope you have a great holiday Equi!! :hug: :glomp: :hug: :glomp: :iconmoesnuggleplz: :iconyuiglompplz: :iconsnugplz: :iconahehplz: Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1] Rockman and Roll (Mega snuggy) [V1] Chizuru and Kaichou Mokyu Cuteness [V1] K-On (Frienship Snuggles) [V2]  Monkey love
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Thank you!  Merry Christmas to you, as well!  Stay safe with all these crazy holiday shoppers!  ;D
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:hug: :glomp: :D
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Stay awesome and keep on dancing! 
~Sugar Song 
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You're welcome!
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