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"Hello welcome to equestria pony vector groups"

About :

Hello i'm owner group :iconluckreza8:

We are appreciation with character vector starting from earth, pegasus,unicorn,alicorn and other character we cooperate for other.


Ask me or help contact me :



"Go Equestria Pony Vector We awesome,We fabulous,We care!"

groups rules :

1. If you new member groups welcome.

2. Brony vector and EqG vector "is allowed".

3. "Not allowed spam in my groups".

4. "Not allowed stealing without permission from owner art!".

5. "Hate,insulting,trolling and n word will hidden comment or reported as spam".

6. Mature content or anthro pony "is allowed" but only if you age 18+.

7. Pony oc's and EqG oc's "is allowed" folders available in category.

8. This only vector,art vector,wallpaper vector and others with vector.

9. Vector only using tools program with inkscape,adobe FL,adobe AI,adobe PS and paint tool SAI.

10. Non vector example mspaint or bad outline quality "is not allowed".

11. "This not fake group this original group"

12. If have question to me sure

13. Before you submit to my group you must check quality and outline with vector

14. Please don't submit with mspaint or bad quality "will be rejected"

15. If you do not know about vector you can try read tutorial how to drawing vector


Thanks visit my groups :)


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I need more admin (wanted)

requirement become admin :

1. You can watching my group

2. You can correction all file

3. If you found non vector reject

4. You can check quality vector

5. You can allow submit with vector content

So thanks for the information of me i hope you like more vector :)

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hi since long time no seen this my groups so now i will check again because i see suspicious someone upload without care see in my rule but i give trick how difference vector,crop photoshop and ms paint

ms paint : outline mess bad quality

crop with photoshop : not have outline bad quality

vector : outline without mess nice quality

so this group just only vector i told you
" don't submit or upload with mspaint or bad quality in my groups! "
if i found again i give warning to you,understand?

- luckreza8
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