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Our goal as a group is to provide a colleciton of high quality art from the MLP community, along with creating a group of artists who consistently create pieces of art that are of quality and unique style.
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Art Creation & Collection

99 Members
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- Renamed "Chromatic Contrast" to "Silhouette"
- Added "MLP Movie" folder for pieces featuring MLP Movie exclusive characters
- Renamed "Mane Six" to "The Mane Six + Starlight" to now include Starlight Glimmer as a main cast character.
- Works in Progress folder has been flushed of long standing pieces. Pieces that appear completed have been moved to their respective folders and pieces that are long standing and not updated have been ejected.
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Group Information


Hello and welcome to the Equestrian Academy of Arts. We are happy to see you here. Here you will find information about our group, any ongoing activities or events, and any news that may get posted as time goes along.

Group Focus

Our focus as a group is to collect art and artists of a particularly high standard of quality. Some of these artists will have styles that are not as frequently seen.

Joining the Membership

Membership for the EAoA is by invitation of application. If you have received an invitation for the group, this section does not pertain to you beyond maintaining a quality standard.

In order to qualify for application you must:
- Have been a deviant for at least 4 months.
- Have created a piece within the last 45 days.
- Have created at least 6 MLP:FiM related pieces. These piece don't have to be directly show related, but should at lease contain the character style and some form of identifiable relevance to the show, its comics, and/or culture.

When you apply to join, include any information you feel that you would like us to know about yourself and your art. When applying, you should include links to at least 3 pieces you have done that you feel sufficiently display your particular style and quality.

Not a content creator? Feel free to follow the group, as to keep up with all the artists and the art that is produced here.


When a member goes to submit a piece to the group, it will be submitted to one of two folders. One will be the folder for any active event, and the other will be the main folder. All deviations submitted will be reviewed and sorted by on duty admins. The way the gallery is sorted will change and expand as new pieces and styles come in. We want the browsing of and submission to the gallery to be as easy and painless as possible. We will be looking for people who will volunteer as gallery sorters and moderators.


The rules here are pretty basic:

1: This is an environment intended to be a place for growth and expression. While we value constructive criticism, we will not tolerate crude remarks or obscene language. This applies to any group pages or threads. As for the comments section of individual pieces, how such actions are handled are up to the sole discretion of the artist who submitted it.

2: We accept any form of art here, whether it be a traditional or digital style or anything in between. While we do accept all art styles, we will limit the types of explicit art pieces that are allowed. Explicit may mean that the art piece includes any of the following: Language, obscene humor, sexual suggestiveness or activity, violence, and blood/gore. Some of these are more likely to be disallowed than others.

3: Over-all, as long as you are civil and decent, you should find yourself free or any issues in this group.

These rules may be expanded, redefined, or changed as time goes on.


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