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A Guide To EDigital

Please check the comments of your submission if it was declined!

What can I submit?
Anything that enhances your desktop experience, the pony way. Generally, our folder categories will give you a clue into what we accept.

Mature content is accepted, but only if it is properly marked. There is no separate folder for such content; you can submit it to the folder that fits best.

My submission wasn't accepted. Why?
In general, your submission is most likely not of a high enough quality. A simple vector attatched to a two-tone background may be of good enough quality for yourself, but not for the group.

The same applies to non-wallpapers - Rainmeter skins, browser themes, cursors, etc. If they're badly done, look rushed, or incomplete, they will not be accepted.

Wallpaper Standards
Our most common rejected submissions include the following:
:bulletblue: Lack of Depth: Does your wallpaper look flat? A vector sitting in front of a background with nothing but a flat or gradient colour will get you nowhere here. In exceptional cases this can be overlooked, but not often.
:bulletgreen: Lack of Composition: Knowing certain adages like empty space and the rule-of-thirds will help your composition considerably.
:bulletyellow: Lack of Effort: It's obvious even to the untrained eye when there is a lack of effort. Quality over quantity is what we look for; the latter on its own won't help.
:bulletorange: Colours: While occasionally planting a giant rainbow of colours can work, understanding and applying colour theory gives you a considerable advantage.
:bulletred: Incorrect Dimensions: No one likes a wallpaper that you have to stretch to fit on the desktop. More info on proper dimensions below.
:bulletpurple: Failure to Credit Others: If you use a vector, drawing, stock image, or other resource made by another artist, you must credit them.

We only take submissions that follow standard monitor resolutions. If you want to know what these are, Wikipedia has a list:… . The most common resolutions are 1920x1080 and 1920x1200, so we'd prefer if you created wallpapers in those dimensions. Wallpapers with resolutions smaller than 1280x720 will not be accepted.

Questions, comments, concerns?
Don't hesitate to contact the staff at Equestria Digital if there's an issue. Unless the issue is you lack of ability to cook. We can't help you with that.

Gallery Folders

Gloomy Night by mtgman96
Fjords of Apples by AssasinMonkey
Restless Nights by Huussii
Power Ponies by zilvart
Sparkle Nights by illumnious
Floating Free by Game-BeatX14
Kickin' by DrakeSparkle44
Boundary by minhbuinhat99
WOTW - Winners
[WOTW #6] - Slice of Life by AntylaVX
[WOTW #5] - Night Flight by AntylaVX
[WOTW] #4 Winter by AntylaVX
[WOTW #3] Unexpected Feelings by DJ-AppleJ-Sound
Lurking Fluttershy for Rainmeter by DonKoopa
Lurking Vinyl Scratch for Rainmeter by DonKoopa
Lurking Octavia for Rainmeter by DonKoopa
''Never Gonna Give You Up'' by malamol
Custom Icons
Maps Twilight Sparkle Yosemite Ponified Icon by Falcotte
Mac USB HD Icon, Twilight Sparkle Version. by Flutterflyraptor
Lyra control center by cherrycharmer
C(elly)Cleaner by cherrycharmer
Cadence Screensaver [Updated] by sgtwaflez
P-21 Screensaver by sgtwaflez
Morning Glory Screensaver (edited) by sgtwaflez
Velvet Remedy Screensaver by sgtwaflez
Chrome Themes
Sparkle Horse Out chrome theme by illumnious
Academy Of Power Mindscape chrome theme by illumnious
rarityshow1985chrometheme by illumnious
rainbow and rooted chrome theme by illumnious
Various Media Player Skins
Rainbow dash skin for iTunes 11 by rhubarb-leaf
Rarity and Sweetie Belle skin by SierraDesign
Cutie Mark Crusaders iTunes 11 Skin by SierraDesign
Rainbow Dash iTunes Skin by SierraDesign
Rainbow Dash Blink Cursor by MissiTofu
Fluttershy Blink Cursor by MissiTofu
Animated Chrysalis cursor by LiatLNS
A Couple Mlp Cutie Mark Cursors and tutorial! by Amura-Of-Jupiter
Forum Sigs
[SIG] Rainbow Dash W/ no Background by Vinixe
[SIG] Vinyl Scratch by Vinixe
[SIG] PinkiePie by Vinixe
Luna and Celestia EQD Banner by IIThunderboltII
Hope by minhbuinhat99
WOTW - Contest Entries
[WOTW #8] - The Battle of Magic by AntylaVX
Challenge Folder
[WOTW #8] - Call of Duty Black Ops 3 by AntylaVX
Banding tutorial by DJ-AppleJ-Sound


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Weekly Stats

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As you may know, the two groups :iconequestriadigital: and :iconmlp-fim-wallpapers: have been pretty much inactive for the last few months. This is mostly due to my lack of motivation to do anything with them.

My finals are now finally over and I feel like I can look after the groups some more. So if you have any submissions that expired, feel free to resubmit them and I'll have a look at all of them again ;)

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Top-quality pony wallpapers, Rainmeter skins, icons, browser themes, and more!
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Nov 17, 2011


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Art Collection

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Digital Media

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As long as it fits the other requirements, feel free to submit anything and we'll look at it ;)
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But now It has already submitted to MLP-FIM-wallpapers group.

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Haven't seen new wallpapers or arts submitted this group for a while, is there something wrong? 
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