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On The Eve of Battle
By Equestria-Prevails   |   Watch
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Published: November 23, 2011
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DOGGOtibbles|Hobbyist General Artist
Is it weird that when I first saw this that they where playing DnD
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I love how almost-accurate this is in 2018. If something like this were to happen, where the Mane 6 could not fight and a new band of heroes needed to come together, I'd argue that Derpy in this picture should be Starlight Glimmer and Big Mac should be Discord. Also I love how the artist correctly predicted wings on Spike back in 2011.
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Excuse me Princess, but I don't think that the Muffin Casters will be useful here.

My Muffin casters will be highly effective. Each muffin is baked to break apart into many eye shredding pieces.
When the pieces get into the enemy's eyes, they will have to stop.

Trixie sees no benefit to these tasty but useless weapons.


Derpy sighs. Have you ever had something in your eye? You will stop doing whatever you were doing to stop the pain!
The enemy will be distracted by their agony and will be ripe for attack...

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I wish there was more of this! New Royal guard was so promising.
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sooo...what's the story behind this?
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This song came to my mind when I saw your work: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrwD8W…
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TriforceOfWill|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome.  I love their designs!! Especially Derpy and Luna's...
Is this set in a particular alternate universe? Or is it a standalone drawing?
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This is beautiful.
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I love their designs.
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what story is this or comic alternate equestria
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Is new royal guard still a thing?
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PikkuKuolema|Hobbyist General Artist
I FOUND IT! I freaking found this pic after long search! And why I'm hyping because of this?;
1. Big Mac's smexy beard
2. Luna ruling <3 (!!!!)
3. Derpy! Derpy! Spike!
Yup. I love the fact you took some of the greatest background ponies (plus the ever great spike) and put them to limelight. Now I just wish I would get to read the story. :3
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wolfheartsprite|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm trying to interpret what the stained glass behind them signifies.
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DuckInATopHat|Hobbyist General Artist
Equestria-Prevails (I don't know if its a he or a she) made a comic called the New Royal Guard, I believe. In it, Luna and Celestia have normal manes, and I think something happens which kills the Mane Six or put them to sleep, so Celestia stayed behind with them, leaving Luna to rule.

I think. I honestly want to see more from this story.
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May or may not apply to this picture, but in classic Christian religious imagery individuals that have been raised to sainthood, or canonised, are depicted with a glowing circle around their head. In order to be raised to sainthood, the individual has to be deceased. So, if the coloured circles around the heads of the Mane Six in the stained glass window in fact denote some kind of sainthood, they are likely dead :-(
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Well, it shows Celestia with pink hair, so maybe she's depowered and defeated? I think her and the mane six were defeated in some gruesome battle and now Luna is the supreme ruler and has her own group of students/advisors.
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Mane6 all killed? Celestia grieving?
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Yeah. I think so.
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I might draw it the same way but with my OC's
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This is so cool! I love the window art in the background. It adds a certain thing that pulls it all together.
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Tesseradical17|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The design for Future Spike is bitchin' as fuck, man.
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That description instantly made me think FUS RO DAH!
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WEEEEEEE! Spike finally grew wings!
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Is this based off of a fanfiction? It looks like a pretty interesting set up I'm curious to learn more about Equestria-prevails set up here.

Judging from the stained glass window in the background it looks like something bad happened to the mane six :o Are these characters the new elements of harmony? Why is derpy so underpy like here? I have so many questions lol
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