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MLP - What about the Future? #17 by Lummh
MLP - The Lost Sun page 24/25 by Lummh
Corrupted by APoorUnfortunateSoul
Return Of Trixie by APoorUnfortunateSoul
2 or more - FULL
XCom vs pony by StDeadRa
Evening in the castle by SheillyDe
Twilight Spank Tempest's Flank by EJLightning007arts
Twilight Spanked Tempest's Flank (Alt) by EJLightning007arts
2 or more
Spike and CMCs as Galaxy Rangers by Eli-J-Brony
Fluutterbat and AJ (Socks version) by AterHut

Mature Content

CMC Older Anthro by PoneBooth
Starlightsparkl (one frame) by SheillyDe
pinkie pie
Pinkie Pie Walking by Pony-Stark
Pinkie Pie the Maid by LeonKay
Pinkie's transdimensional travel by Shido-Tara
but nobody should cry today! by TheSwingingCat
Depression and Pinkamena by Wolly-Dream
Smile For Me by HeavyMetalBronyYeah
You want a cake? by sommerlilly05
Pinkamena's Dress by UnknownArtist20
rainbow dash
Playful Tease 2.0 by Matchstickman87
Rainbow Dash and her Precious Book by LeonKay
I have cooked it especially for you! by Mite-Lime
After a hard day of training by Mite-Lime
Fluttershy at Sunset by CosmikVek
Princess Fluttershy by FINCHina
Dawnverse Headcanon: Fluttershy by GanashiAshaka
chu by TheSwingingCat
Princess Twilight sparkle
Twily (Sailor Moon Redraw) by Mite-Lime
Twiggie by AterHut
Beautiful Twilight (Shading Practice) by NixWorld
Twilight Sparkle Is Playing Her Video Games! by Devon13168
Rarity by SugarrrPeach
She is as beautiful as ever 2 by Mite-Lime
Stay AWAY From Her! by wolfmarian
It's time to sew by Shido-Tara
AppleJack portrait by Mite-Lime
Water Apple Pony by AssasinMonkey
Applejack in the night by StDeadRa
Rainbow Power Applejack. My Version by wolfmarian
Derpy and Dinky hooves
Derpy Hooves by Mite-Lime
princess and queens
Cosmic Splendor by Rocket-LawnChair
Dragon Boy by Imaplatypus
cutie mark crusaders
Raining by Weird--Fish
Discordant Harmony by LeonKay
Secondary characters
Ocellus by Shido-Tara
King Sombra
Old Sombra by Thurnisu
Secondary characters 2
Time for your friendship destroying by Shido-Tara
Secondary Characters 3
FoE In aeternum: Goddess by Shido-Tara
Human or Anthro
Hoodie by EmeraldBlast63
Human and Anthro 2
Stallions 1/2 Sunburst by Foxgearstudios
Human or anthro 3
Three In One by UrhangrZerg
OC - full
Across the Ice [Art Trade] by Strawberry-HeartRose
animations and games
comission Aurelia charm by age3rcm
Summer Outfit by EmeraldBlast63
Dracula Crossover Style Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own MLP, JJBA, Mortal Kombat, and DraculaAuthor's notes: This story take place where all the MLP characters and anime characters are human. Which is rated PG-13. May contains character deaths, some course language, and violence. Reader description is advised. Now to the story.The story took back in 1913. A wolf howled at night where all the other wolves howled.In the ocean where all the thunderstorms booked and the waves going out of control which a boat appears. Waves crashing onto the boat and the wheel of the boat moving. The lantern moved which all the rats sqeauks. Growls began appear. All the people began to talk."Here! Here!" A man shouted as he found a box which is labeled.King SombraCrystal EmpireGrowls began to grow louder. As the tide began to move uncontrollably which all the people grabbed the box and began using the crane to lift the box up. Thunderstorms began boom louder and the tide making bigger waves. A Captain named Kano came over to the wheel."Overboard.! Throw overboard.!" Kano shouted as the box began crack open due to Sombra who is sealed in the box as Kobra and Kabal lift the box and was about to be thrown off but it got stuck."Hurry up.!" Kano shouted as dirt began appear out of the box."It is stuck.!" Kabal shouted as Sombra began punch the wood out with his hand and began to choke one of her crew members."Aaah!" Kobra shouted as Kano was shouting at him which King Sombra tears Kobra's throat. Waves going out of control which a Kabal fell off the boat and into a ocean. A Demon wolf in which King Sombra shape shift into began to growl at the Kano which he stuck onto the wheel and Sombra began to attack him. Which Kano ends up getting killed offscreen. A lighthouse shined at Equestria in Canterlot. Which all the people screamed inside the Asylum. A man with dark purple long hair and red eyes named Kars opened the door which he finds Starlight Glimmer while running through the crowd."Get off!" A person shouted."Starlight Glimmer, for God's sake, give these poor wretches some laudanum to calm their shattered nerves!" Kars shouted."They won't take nothing; Dr. Kars." Starlight Glimmer answered as she shouted through the microphone."Then give them something.!" Kars shouted."I can't do anything. Come on." Starlight Glimmer replied as she tries to calm the people down."Dr. Kars.! Dr. Kars" Candace shouted as Kars turns seeing her who is holding Flurry heart."Where's Miss Scarlet?" Candace asked."Where's Miss Scarlet to help with my baby?" Candace asked as Flurry heart began to cry."Mi Amore Cadenza where is my daughter?" Kars replied as Luna approaches to him."Miss Scarlet's is upstairs in the house looking sir after that friend of hers." Luna answered as she went to find Scarlet."Fine time to abandon us. Starlight Glimmer, I'm coming down." Kars replied as he went to help Starlight Glimmer with the patients.In the bedroom a seventeen year old girl with dark brown hair and Hazelnut brown eyes named Scarlet Okami with a fifteen year old girl with light blue curly hair and pink eyes named Cozy Glow. Scarlet finishes reading the letter."But anyway, you needn't worry. As soon as you finish law school, I'm sure our firm will hire you in a second." Scarlet replied."Hey!" Cozy Glow replied"You will make a beautiful addition to the firm of Snodgrass, Shilling and Wollop." Scarlet replied as the storm blows bedroom window open. Which scares Cozy Glow while Scarlet came over to the window and closes it."Good Lord! Is it all right?" Cozy Glow asked."Yes...yes." Scarlet answered as she sat down."You know, Scarlet, you're so much braver than I am...taking on all those men like that." Cozy Glow replied."But don't you think we ought to have some influence, some say on things? After all..." Scarlet replied."We are not chattels!" Both Scarlet and Cozy replied."No, I know we're not." Cozy Glow replied as Luna enters Scarlet's room."Scarlet!" Luna shouted."Yes?" Scarlet replied."Your father says he needs you in the wards right away." Luna replied."Yes, I'm coming." Scarlet answered as Luna leaves her bedroom."Oh, do you have to go now Scarlet?" Cozy Glow whined."Yes. Into bed." Scarlet replied."All right." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet sets her bed up."Thank you." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet tucks her in bed."Now remember, Cozy. If you don't rest, you'll be stuck in this bedroom all winter." Scarlet replied."Yes, you're quite right. You go down to them. I'll be fine." Cozy Glow replied."Good night, Cozy." Scarlet replied."Good night." Cozy Glow replied as Scarlet leaves her bedroom. Cozy Glow turns off the light and went to bed.
BJ cool by Shido-Tara
other pony art
Neon StarGlow adopt (sold!) by ponyscribbles
What if Nyx had been... by DarkPrinceismyname
lying down RARITY by calusariAC
Top 15 Best MLP Episodes 2.0 by MunkTransformerLover
Release by Haiikhal
Werepony and Pony (BASE- MS PAINT FRIENDLY) by SkyBreeze-MasterMC
OC 2
[CM] Armored Console Ponies by Trojan-Pony
Top 15 Worst MLP/EQG Characters 2.0 by MunkTransformerLover
Stringing Along (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
OC 3
Ghost pony by Shido-Tara

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Friends are really important to your life.
They are your 2nd  family. They`ll cry,laugh,get hurt with you,be mad,and other emotional things.
There are times you and your friends could fight, like when you get misunderstandings with them.
The only thing you have to do is to never give up with your friendship.
It`s normal to fight with your friends since it`s part of your life. If a friend is mad at you, give them some space
It will get worse when you try to be friends with them and when you keep on saying sorry to them.

Give them space until they start to talk to you. I`ve experienced these issues too. 
You`re going to be sad, you`ll cry and your heart will break. But that`s normal.
Trust me, it`s really normal especially when you`re in your high school life.

There will be people that will try to separate your friendship since they are jealous and they are not happy with their lives.
So stay strong! Never give up! Have hope and faith in yourself!
Don`t force them in anything you want them to do. Don`t make them be out of place (OP). Be sensitive with their feelings.
Don`t be mean, plastic, and other things that will break their hearts. Or else you are called a "bad friend,"
and of course you don`t want to be called or to be that "bad friend" right?
So be a TRUE FRIEND! Pray to God for help. This is what I do when I have these problems and I need help.
You`re not always correct.

If you did something wrong say SORRY!
You`ll regret it if you will loose on of your friends.
If they`re mean to you, be kind and say "(name of friend) you`re being mean to me. And that`s not good." politely
They`ll appreciate and regret what they did to you if you are kind to them and you speak out your feelings to them. 
Don`t keep your feeling to yourself, you`ll get heart aches. Trust me.
You`re friends won`t get hurt since you are close to them and you are just speaking your mind out.

I learned that Friendship is important and powerful in our lives.
I hope I solved your friend problems. I also hope it helps you and your friends when you`re having problems.
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is an animated television series that premiered on October 10, 2010, on the United States cable network The Hub. Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Vancouver (formerly known as Studio B Productions) produce the series, which is based on Hasbro, Inc's My Little Pony line of toys and animated works. As of September 2011, the show is in its second season in the United States, and is broadcasting internationally in dozens of countries in over ten languages.
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