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Hello there, am sure your aware there's going to be a spin-off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, going to be called Equestria Girls. In case you never Heard, MLP FIM is getting their own movie called 'My Little Pony: Equestria Girls'. About Twilight in an another world trying to catch the thief who stole a crystal crown from the Crystal Empire, But she has to face...High School!
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Fluttershy's Dramatic Birth! Release! by Lusty38
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Equestria Girls NNAEHL Chapter 3Chapter 3 Night Of The Living TantabusBack on the road, Celestia and Luna are driving their car with their costumes on, and with Sunset sitting in the back seat in her vampire costume. During the whole trip, Sunset helped Luna with the Dark Princess makeup while Celestia put on her fairytale princess costume.“You know you can’t always be judgemental, even outside of school.” Sunset said.“Yes, you're right, but we’ll be the only adults there.” Luna responded. “I still can’t believe I’ve made the choice to come.”“You fit in, since you're the Dark Princess.”“But did you really need to dye my hair black? It took way longer than you intended.”“Not to mention the party’s gonna end at eleven PM tonight.” Celestia replied, focusing on the road. “We need to wake up at three thirty in the morning.”“Yes and I have to wake up to be prepared for school too.” This caused Celestia to give Sunset a stern glare. This only made her sigh after seeing her principal in such a sour mood, just to prove her point that she always understands her principals more than anyone else at school.But after looking at Sunset through the mirror, this made Celestia a little ashamed for being in a sour mood. “Look, I’m aware you didn't originally come from this world, and I now know what Equestria is, after listening to the students after their spring break on the yacht. But if there’s one thing I will never be, is your teacher from there. I’m always your principal, until the day you graduate.”Sunset wanted to agree with Celestia, but on the other hand, she had never met her counterpart in person. “Do you even imagine what it would be like, as an alicorn princess?”“I would, but being an animal would take a long time to get used to. Animal classes aren't all about turning into one, as well as trying to understand alicorns in general.”Sunset would never forget any of the lessons she took from her old teacher, and how her principal would feel if she became a princess instead. “I’ve been there three times before, if you were me and I was you, would you see how different it is?”Celestia wanted to answer a question that was strong enough to be convincing, but she can’t even decide if it’s possible to believe in herself. “I’ve seen all of this before, the Friendship Games, the trip to Camp Everfree, and even when you turned into a demon. Is there anything that needs to be said?”“We may get used to those during those times because it was all taking place in Canterlot High.” Luna added. “If we were the students and you were the principals, you wouldn’t even be concerned, because we would do all the magic solving.”Just when Sunset was about to prove her point, she thought Celestia and Luna hadn’t caught on, but they did. Aside from the last incident at Equestria Land and the yacht trip, which they weren't a part of, they seem they don’t want any part of this when it got in their way.“Everything in the past would never be erased from anyone, especially with how out of control it got.” Sunset remembered.“Hey, that’s mostly the price of you, being either directly or indirectly responsible.” Celestia responded.“Then again, I never find out where it’s all coming from.”“The more you find out, the easier it will be for you to pinpoint the source.”As they’re getting close to the theme park, Sunset noticed something unfamiliar in the distance. She saw a huge forcefield around Equestria Land.“Umm...I don’t think this will be easy for me.” She spoked while she looked through the trees.“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Luna responded as she saw the forcefield itself. As Celestia parked her car in the parking lot, she, her sister and Sunset got out. Not only is the dark spark still levitating above the park itself, it’s also taking control of everything inside.“You know I could give you detention right now, but even I’m not that harsh.” Celestia placed her hand on her face.Sunset took out her phone and received a text from Twilight. “Umm...Twilight texted me, Equestrian Magic all over again, even during horror night, wish us the best of luck tonight.”“Seems like even your friends aren’t even surprised by this anymore.” Luna commented. “So what are we going to do?”It was a lot more simple back when Equestria Magic did little damage but now, Sunset couldn’t even think it would be possible. “Maybe we should go through.”“You mean through the forcefield?” Celestia blinked. “We don’t even know what’s happening inside.”“This is much simpler than when we got trapped at Camp Everfree with the vines. Maybe everyone must have been in the same predicament as last time.”The two grown adults looked at the theme park, surrounded in a huge bubble, far more powerful and potentially more difficult to stop. “Sunset, I don’t think this magic is the same as before, it feels darker.” Luna pointed in the center of the park.Sunset tried to look closely and her vice principal was correct. “Hey, I remember that source. That’s the Tantabus' dark magic.”“Tantabus?” Celestia responded. “Please tell me it’s not a criminal from Equestria.”“Do you seriously think that Friendship bans criminals for doing the opposite of it?” Sunset turned to her principal, acting unsurprised. “Every universe never has a happily ever after.”In order to find some answers, they walked up to the forcefield. Sunset placed her hands on the bubble while hitting it three times. Without the help from Applejack’s strength, she has to find another way to get through.“Do you have your geode with you?” Luna asked.“Yes.” Sunset showing it off around her neck. “But I don’t know how this is gonna work.”Celestia then pushed against the forcefield with her arms. “Well can you use it while you touch it or something?” Upon taking Celestia’s option into consideration, she grabbed her and Luna’s arms.“You two touch the forcefield too.” Sunset turned to Luna who assisted. With the adults touching the forcefield, the teenage vampire activated her geode while closing her eyes and focused her thoughts. In just fifteen seconds, her geode started to glow, with Celestia and Luna’s hands going through the bubble slowly.“It’s working.” Luna replied with her eyes wide open.“Please don’t let go of me while we go through.” Sunset said, focusing on her powers.“Don’t worry.” Celestia responded. For the next fifteen seconds, they’re bodies phased through the forcefield, while the adults kept their grip on Sunset. When they saw what was happening inside, they remained silent, thinking it couldn’t get any worse than it already had.When Sunset opened her eyes, she saw everyone still in their costumes, but their skin and behavior have turned them into the characters from the horror movies. They saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders stirring the boiling water in the pot while being witches, Pinkie Pie is biting the pumpkin while acting like a zombie, and the whole park is fogged over in red smoke, instead of the white smoke that normally came from the machines.“Uhh...when I thought something was really going on inside, this was the last thing to come to mind.” Sunset blinked in disbelief.“Knew coming here wasn’t a good idea.” Luna commented.“It was a bad idea.” Celestia added.“Well hello ladies.” Rainbow Dash stepped right in front of her. She still has the same outfit on as before, but she has eyeliner makeup with blue and pink lipstick. And instead of the hammer she brought from her house, she has a fun gun, filled with many alternative ammo more deadly, when they come into play.“Why do you have makeup on?” Sunset pointed.“What’s wrong, it doesn’t suit me wonderfully?”“No, because you hate makeup.”Then Rainbow pointed her gun straight to Sunset’s face. “I can show you how painful my gun is.” She teased.“Rainbow, what do you think you're doing?” Celestia placed her hands on her hips.“And what’s going on with the horror party?” Luna added.“Oh where are my manners, this is a major improvement.” Rainbow put away her gun. “I have never made so many friends after I got dumped.”“ never had a boyfriend.”“That’s what you think.” Pinkie Pie walked up to Rainbow while groaning to open up the pumpkin to eat the candy inside. As Rainbow got slightly annoyed, she took the pumpkin from the zombie and stomped on it. “Here, now go try it for yourself.” She gave Pinkie the candy she took out from the pumpkin.“I don’t think she’s playing a character.” Celestia whispered to Sunset. “She is the character.”“I can see that.” Sunset rolled her eyes. Just when she’s about to find her friends, Rainbow Dash grabbed her hand.“You're not going anywhere. I’m taking you where our mad scientist is doing.”“Okay, first of all, this isn’t a party where you force someone to do what you want.” Sunset retorted. “Don’t you have anything you would rather do?”This caused Rainbow to pull face to face with the vampire. “Let me remind you that this party isn’t ending anytime soon. And I love vampires, since my best friend is one.”Sunset hadn’t received a text from Fluttershy ever since she arrived here. But now, she’s aware of what happened to her due to horror mind control. With Rainbow pulling Sunset, the principals tried to keep up with them, but they continued to look around Equestria Land.“I feel like we’re gonna turn into them.” Luna pointed at one of the teens smashing the pumpkins.“I don’t think so, because I don’t feel anything right now.” Celestia said, looking at her arms. “Maybe it’s because we weren't inside when the forcefield first formed.”When they look at the dark magic still floating above the park, they notice it’s shaped like a grown unicorn. What Sunset said earlier about the studies she learned about Tantabus, she wasn’t kidding, nor being just a criminal in Equestria.“Can you tell me where we're going?” Sunset asked.“To the horror house, where my vampire friend is at.” Rainbow answered.When they walked up to the horror house, it wasn’t just a constructed house just for thriller and fun, bats flew out of the front door with a vampire roar coming from the outside. Rainbow invited her guests inside, while the door closed behind them.“Geez!” Luna said startledly, turning around in the direction of the slamming door.“I don't remember the last time I went to a horror house, but that definitely wasn't meant to be real!” Celestia looking at real spider webs hanging from the corners of the room.They hear someone playing the piano in the bedroom with each note of the music more devious. “I will say, she may not be a piano player, but she really has good taste.” Rainbow commented as she opened the bedroom door. “Vampire, I’ve found a close relative.”When Sunset saw who was playing the piano, she thought it would be Rarity but upon seeing the hair, it wasn’t her. “Fluttershy?” She blinked.When Fluttershy stopped playing on the piano, she turned around while showing herself to the others. Her hair is messy while her eyes turned red inside of remaining the original color. The black outfit she’s wearing is the total opposite from how she wore from before. Not only that, her teeth are actually vampire teeth and not a replica like what Sunset is wearing.“It’s Flutterbat.” Fluttershy responded.
Equestria Vogue: Fluttershy *Lineart* by RoboTheHoobo
Request: God Monarch Loomy Tyranny by piergiorgiosaurus
My top 10 favorite Eddazzling81 my page by Eddazzling81
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Rainbow Dash Equestria Girls wallpaper by InsomniaQueen
Nightfall Sparkle by AryaTheEditor
[SFM] Three Bunnies Reaction to Bunnygirl Sunset by OPandTSFan
OC Students
Carmen Crusader by MapleB

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Pinkamena - Not Tonight by POPA-3D-ANIMATIONS

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Diamond Girls by xMiloVx
Twilight Sparkle

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EQG Twilight Sparkle Nude 360 Turnaround by rupahrusyaidi
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie gets Angry at Rainbow Dash by rainbowdashfan201
Pinkie Pie
Feeding lily by drantyno
Golf Player Rarity by user15432
Fluttershy swimsuit by Rockset
Rainbow Applejack by CosmicPonye
Demon Form Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer by Janji009
MLP: Sunset Shimmer
Mane 4 Shhhh for Sunset Shimmer by rainbowdashfan201
Trixie Lulamoon
great and powerful | mlp by foxklt
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Equestria Girls: Principal Chrysalis by Lhenao
EQG Human X Mermaid Base by DanielArkansanEngine
Twilight x Dazzlings as Frankensteins' Brides (BW  by kTd1993


There's been a rumour about some pictures leaked on a part of the internet showing Sunset Shimmer as a demon, with Celestia and Luna Humans?

Warning: This link could be fake or ruin the ending mostly...
Link ->





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