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Hello there, am sure your aware there's going to be a spin-off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, going to be called Equestria Girls. In case you never Heard, MLP FIM is getting their own movie called 'My Little Pony: Equestria Girls'. About Twilight in an another world trying to catch the thief who stole a crystal crown from the Crystal Empire, But she has to face...High School!
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2,035 Members
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Adagio by SilberSternenlicht
Grand Galloping Gala Dress Girls!!! by snowsmilexxx
Neon Twilight by DANMAKUMAN
Equestria Girls, We're Kind of Magical by pekou
Main Six
A cute nap by SiulEuquirne89
Human Applejack amused by AndoAnimalia
Applejack (Equestria Girls) by Minniemouse2003
Surprise, Twilight! by PhantomShadow051
Spike the Dog
Royal Ballet 3 by ShinResurgence
Spike (Dog Form) by Th3M4nW1thN0N4m3
Mascot Paradox 2 by PascalMulokozi2
Two Girls, A Dog, and a Starship by JRShinkansenHorse
EQG: Sunset Shimmer
Seapony Sunset Shimmer by CreativityAgent99
Sunset Shimmer _Jessica Rabbit Cosplay by GIsBelleArt
Pillars Overhears Demon Sunset by PascalMulokozi2
Equestria Girls: Fall Weather Friends by EmeraldBlast63
Principal, Vice Principal and Staff
Princess Celestia Equestria Girls by ZantyARZ
Other Students
Trixie Lulamoon2 by Film77asq
Black Friday mis-sale by MapleB
Kii as Raya by MapleB
Chilling by the sunset  by MapleB
Belle Adopted Sweetie Belle Request by platinumdrop
MLP FILM / Christmas Gift for chazkopa by Interstellar-Quartz
CMC: Winter fun!!! by TheRETROart88
[SFM MLP] Happy Cutie Mark Crusaders Day 2022 by OPandTSFan
TAEE - Christmas in Equestria (Chapter 247)[Poser] by Naduron0
TAEE - The  Ancient Equestria Era 0026 [Poser Pro] by Naduron0
TAEE - The  Ancient Equestria Era 0027 [Poser Pro] by Naduron0
TAEE - The  Ancient Equestria Era 0025 [Poser Pro] by Naduron0

Mature Content

BG Year 3 -121 by SeriojaInc
MLP-Equestria Surf - DVD Fan-Game by LucasPachecoMLP
MLP-Equestria Surf (2022) - Teaser by LucasPachecoMLP
MLP-Equestria Girls - Halloween Scores Game 2021 by LucasPachecoMLP
TAEE - Eternium (Chapter 013) [Poser] by Naduron0

Mature Content

BG Year 3 -119 by SeriojaInc
Equestria Girls Fluttershy Cosplay by ReinbewPastel
Dec 2- Pinkie Pie x Fluttershy by kTd1993
A Cinderella Wedding (short story)The time of the wedding was approaching, and everyone was excited to see the two princes take their chosen brides into their lives. Everyone that attended the ball was invited to the event, except for Tremaine and her daughters.When it came to light that Tremaine was mistreating Cinderella and was only using her daughters to become royalty, she was stripped of her noble status and now forced to work the job of a laborer at a fabrics shop. She once got on the nerves of the headmistress and she was slammed into a vat of purple dye, making the other workers laugh.The Stepsisters meanwhile had to do the chores that Cinderella had to do for them. This includes cleaning, cooking, dusting, and even sewing. They were very resistant to this change and attempted on many occasions to sneak out of work, but that always failed.We now see Cinderella and Scootaloo dressed up in wedding dresses, and they could barely contain their excitement. That night, when they danced with the princes, they both asked if they could marry them, and they immediately said yes.Scootaloo: Mom, I'm so excitedCinderella: I am as well sweetieThey then saw a guard enter the room.Guard: Are you two readyCinderella: AlmostThe two then got finished with their arrangements and the wedding went off with a hitch. The brides and grooms said their I do's and they are declared husbands and wives. They then took the chariot, where they found the Stepsisters breaking their backs on the farm they were sent to, it was a great time indeed.
Equestria Vogue: Fluttershy *Lineart* by RoboTheHoobo
Kiwi Lollipop and Supernova Zap by Minniemouse2003
Aria by PBdrewthat
Nathan Drake Recast Choices by Matthiamore
Were in it together! by MidnightSky6744
The Archery by AryaTheEditor
Rainbow Dash Equestria Girls wallpaper by InsomniaQueen
Christmas Ponies 2022 by user15432
Epix and Thor sing Through Heaven's Eyes by Harriet546
OC Students
Family Portrait | SkyfallFrost by SkyfallFrost
Owlette  by MapleB
nSfW Rarity by LadyShadowBB
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle: Sun Gown by CreativityAgent99
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash (Equestria Girls) by Minniemouse2003
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie (Equestria Girls) by Minniemouse2003
Rarity: White Dress by CreativityAgent99
Fluttershy (Equestria Girls) by Minniemouse2003
Rainbow Applejack by CosmicPonye
Demon Form Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer by Janji009
MLP: Sunset Shimmer
My Little Pony Ultra Summoners: Sunset Shimmer by Devon13168
Trixie Lulamoon
Trixie Lulamoon Day by Th3M4nW1thN0N4m3
Equestria Girl Meets Girl PG4 by DVoidComics
EQG Aria Blaze Vector by rupahrusyaidi
MLP EG BASE #106 by SkyfallFrost
Mega Christmas Raffle announcement  by ultimimega



There's been a rumour about some pictures leaked on a part of the internet showing Sunset Shimmer as a demon, with Celestia and Luna Humans?

Warning: This link could be fake or ruin the ending mostly...
Link ->





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Awesome Groups who Affiliates with us to make us a Stronger group and have greater bond with them! :meow::heart:
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COMMISSIONS OPENI'm opening commissions from this month (December 2021), I don't know how long I'll keep this open, but if you want to order something, read the text below carefully :3ContactThe contact will be via Discord, so I'll put my code here (I ask that if you just want to talk to me, send me a note letting me know).Discord: Bid_desenheira#6256PaymentVia PayPal, I will show the prices below, remembering that they are not fixed prices, so there may be changes depending on the complexity of the order and the number of characters. I will start drawing only after payment.Prices (digital only)Now, prices per character:Sketches: Bust - $7 USD,,, Half body - $15 USD,, Full Body - $22 USD,,,B&W (with screen tones) Bust - $27 USD,,, Half body - $33 USD,,, Full body - $43 USD,,,Full color - 1 (simpler version) Bust - $50 USD,,, Half body - $55 USD,,, Full body - $60 USD,,,Full color 2 (more detailed version) Bust - $70 USD,,, Half body - $75 USD,,, Full body - $82 USD,,,NO DRAWING: NSFW (R18, fetishes) Complicated backgrounds (I'll explain more in a moment) Furry and other creatures or animals RealismBACKGROUND:Regarding this, I won't be able to make very detailed compositions, that is, backgrounds with advanced perspective, so I'll leave references to what I can do and it's up to you which will compose your request. Background with colors, screen tones only or a background of your own that you want me to paste in the drawing. free (All of the drawings shown above, except for Timber's sketch drawing and Rarijack's full color drawing). Detailed background, with objects etc (perspective, one point only) - adds $40 USD to the drawing.,,,,,A FEW MORE OBSERVATIONS: When you ask for your drawing, be as specific as possible, choose the size of the image, whether you want it to be delivered as JPG or PNG, how the characters will look, etc. The request to be as detailed as possible also applies to OCs, if you want me to draw an OC of yours and you don't have a reference, give me all the information about the character (physical appearance, age, personality, clothes etc). I'll send you messages while I make the drawing, I'll show you the sketches in case you want any changes (once I start to finish the drawing/coloring, you won't be able to change it anymore, unless it's about colors etc). I'm not going to set an exact deadline for completing the drawing as this can vary a lot and I don't want to keep you waiting, but I'll try to be as quick as possible. About posting the commissioned drawing on my social media, I'll post it if I want unless you ask me not to do it because it's a gift to someone or for any other reason. I only draw in my own style, so it will be difficult for me to imitate another style of drawing, don't ask me to.Any questions, send me a note 😉...
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