Hidden camera show: Coming out to anti-gay parents

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By danlev
Teen comes out to anti-gay parents on hidden camera show, public reacts

ABC's hidden camera show What Would You Do? staged a scene where a teen came out to his anti-gay parents. They captured bystanders' reactions.

In the middle of a cafe, a son comes out to his dad who reacts by saying things like "my son is not gay!" and "this is a mistake—turn your life around."

Some bystanders stepped in to defend the teen while others stayed out of it or even left. Some stated that they didn't want to get involved. One man told them they should take the argument elsewhere.

After a few reactions are captured, they switch the dad out for anti-gay mom, who received similar reactions.

One woman interrupts the dad and voices her opinion:

"I understand completely because it wasn't my dream to have two autistic children either, but you know what? I'm going to fight for them and I'm going to love them. I'm going to do what I have to do for them. You should do the same for your son, because what you're doing to him involving everyone around here, is wrong."

Coincidentally, one bystander was the parent of a student at Rutgers University, where a gay student committed suicide earlier this year.

Previously, What Would You Do? covered anti-gay bullying and gay public displays of affection.

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Miyuki-chu's avatar
I'd never actually heard of this show before, but watching this actually made me cry.
MaxieMarauder's avatar
I saw this when it happened and even though it's fake, I still got visibly upset at what the parents were saying. I didn't know about the other two though, I'll go watch those now.
MK-Hellfire's avatar
I never saw this before, but it's pretty interesting to see their reactions. I would definatly want to say something if i was there.
PandasRampage's avatar
I watch this show daily. :meow: It's astounding to actually see what people would od in so many different situations.
BleedingHearts37's avatar
Is this real? Is to to get the reaction of the parents or the other people?
PandasRampage's avatar
They stage a whole skit in which strangers don't know about. So the strangers think this is happening for real. The goal is to see what reactions most everyday people would have to such an incident if it happened.
TheTrueDarkness's avatar
a pity we don't have shows like this in the Philippines
raych3l's avatar
I've heard about this show.. Never got the chance to watch it, but, it looks VERY good.

This is a really good episode of this. I like it~
OritPetra's avatar
Interesting. Hadn't heart of this show before.
lil-puppy23's avatar
Oh yeah, I saw this on TV
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