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Old GNOME2 Icon Theme

I'm just uploading this here because the previous host ( went under.

I personally don't much care for the post-Tango gnome icon theme that first started coming out around the 2.16 release. The edges are much less sharp, and the changed aesthetic just doesn't appeal to me. Unfortunately, 2.16 was also the first release to use a newer icon naming system that led to many icons simply not working if you merely copied over the old icon theme. So i've taken matters into my own hands

This is the old pre-2.16 Gnome icon theme, modified and repackaged to work with modern (as of 2.32) Gnome desktops. I did not create any of these icons, rather i merely collected them from various sources (gnome-icon-theme, individual gnome apps) and threw a bunch of symlinks in for compatability. It's been a personal work-in-progress for several years, and i'm releasing it now in case anyone else shares my sense of aesthetics.

It's got pretty good (roughly 90%) coverage of even a current gnome desktop, without having drawn any new icons, though in future releases, i may attempt to modify existing icons in here (as well as scrounging up others from past software releases) to get a wider coverage. I'm also considering including details such as the pre-2.8 trash icon (The one at a 3/4 viewing angle) if anyone wants that.

Reports of missing icons, or requests for more app icons (I've snagged a number of common ones already) are welcome.

Note that i have this saying Creative Commons, but it's actually GPL2+, for those concerned with licenses.
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Thanks for uploading this! I could care less for the Tango look of Gnome 2, this is a good mix of classic and modern icons.
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Thank you so much! I find these a million times cooler than oxygen, and as with oxygen I can now tell a bunch of files at a glance. Saw these in a screenshot elsewhere, hunted all over for that look.
This is a very nice theme. I've been using this since 2011. It's a good combination with Mist Redmond, a port of classic Mist theme for gtk3.

I hope you'll update it with some new icons or fixes for some details that are with new versions of Gnome and Gtk.
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I admit, I've been using MATE since Gnome3 came out, but I'll take a look and see what's missing/in need of fixing. Some cases though, the only solution would be to draw new icons, and I doubt I could get the look right without like.. the icon source vectors from Jimmac.
fantasticicon set!
thank you for taking the time to do this :)
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I'm glad you enjoy it!
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