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After Quest


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After Quest


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Mourning and Night

Knights of Harmony

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Toriel Dreemurr


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Highcastle gif

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snow and ice

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House Leo Legionnaire

Dam Son

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Is This Memeable

Yu Phun Ne Gai

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Village between trees and roots

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Arcane Princess

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Comm: Rainbowbolt

I want to come in, Rainbow Dash

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Texan Laboror

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Ready For Halloween

Diabetes Type C

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R4R Ti

The 1 Percent

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Flutter Rain

Mopi Chunhwa

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Fire Princess

Donald Trump

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Overwhelmed by routine


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Starlight and Trixie

Sethisto's Waifu

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Berry Punch shopping

Dysfunctional Liver

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Golden Harvest

Vitamin A

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Gift: Anthro Minuette


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Comm: Attack on Rider

We Need Diversity

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Forest Tutorial


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Pony OCs

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Background Pony Volume 2

Infamous Plushie

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Shining Armor and Flurry Heart

I Throw My Wife

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I Really like Kites


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Slave-Knight Gael

Dank Souls

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Creating magic systems - for RPG

I am a petty RPG fan. I play the Hungarian Mágus system. This entry will be about the main mistake of creating a rune magical system every rpg has... In the Mágus rulebook the magic systems of each class is described by an academic wizard's knowledge. The description goes as far as they uncovered it... Scroll down if you want to miss other magic forms. But first some concepts... In DND, which I don't know, I heard that you memorize spells. Which you memorized you can use later and you have to redo the process to refresh or change them. I cannot argue with DND, I would only like to know how this method really works, what happens "


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Fox bounce


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