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' New Horizons '

5h speed paint
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That is oure electric! Love it.

vware's avatar
it love how massive it looks, yet you made it higly detailed. SOO prettyy :p
gregre1234's avatar
Man, that's amazing!
Thank you!
Xerces's avatar
Awesome work! such a cool creation with some fantastic detail and colour. well done!
tadp0l3's avatar
Looks like the ship is made out of glass. Very nicely done :)
valadaar's avatar
This is really awesome - I'd like to know how you did the city below :)
SkyWyvern's avatar
Well it's awesome for your speed paint!
zioncross's avatar
I dont know how the hell you did that. But you pulled it off. Great scenery in the back. Awesome attention to detail on the ship. There might be some off lines in the background though. Might just be me.

Either way, fav man. great job.
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eline sağlık çok hoş olmuş
Outlawstar8489's avatar
Love the style, agree on the thrusters, but GREAT JOB!
epson361's avatar
what is the main problem with thrusters indeed i cant understand :D :D
Grandmaster-Li's avatar
superb work ;)
keep it up!
Dawn-Fyre's avatar
very nice, though one question, are those thrusters on the wings or just lights?
epson361's avatar
:d lights on the wings arent thrusters they are just the landing lgihts :D
Dawn-Fyre's avatar
ah i see, looked like thrusters because the glow is rather large on the inner 2 lights
Night-Forager's avatar
Wonderful! Absolutely beautiful work!
AlexWearsHats's avatar
Stunning colours, and design!

This is the ultimate inspiration! :D
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Looks very interesting, although the thrusters on the back look like they're mounted a little high to me.
epson361's avatar
yea you are right thrusters are a little high :) thanks for fav
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