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Spyro the Dragon Boss Zodiac

Which Spyro Boss Should You Fight?

A Flash project that will tell you which Spyro the Dragon you should fight based on the date you enter. Based off a zodiac algorithm you can also click on the orbs to see the bosses. If you click on the Super Power Crystal it will give you the Instructions.

Roll over a character to see their description and some bad jokes.

Also there are 3 hidden characters which give you challenges; these can only be found by entering a specific day, month, and year. Here's a hint though to make at least one of them easier to find, Hunter's Birthday.

*P.S. If you find any glitches, possible coding errors, typos, etc please let me know and I'll do my best to fix them and re-upload the project*

UPDATE 7/3/2012
-- Now with looping sound! Also added two new hidden vectors for a total of 5, but with only one new date to find out. As before here's the hint, Hunter's Birthday. --
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Doctor shemp ? Why not.